Time for RAVELYMPICS 2010 to begin!  In my imagination I will be gathering with knitting buddies in Vancouver, Canada during February 12-28 to watch the Olympic games unfold.  Of course, as I watch the games I will have my own challenge.  Black and and cream colored skeins of yarn will be sitting in my lap and both hands will be busy knitting my very first Selbuvotter Mittens. I think a Norwegian project is only fitting for these chilly events.  Let’s see what happens when I dedicate two weeks to focused, intense knitting to ONE project.

My mittens will be entered into two events:  Mitten Moguls and Nordic Colorwork Combined.

7 Comments on “RAVELYMPICS 2010

  1. I’m doing colour work gloves too, it’s a test knit for a friends lovely pattern.

    I’m joining the Yarn Harlot in her Olympics.

    I’m looking forward to it.


  2. I’m knitting an adult sized tomten for my mother. I was overwhelmed with the teams on ravelry and have no idea how you even join one so I didn’t sign up. Can’t wait to see your mittens.

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