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Twice now, I’ve heard Kelley Petkun talking about an APP she uses on her iTouch called Knit Buddy.  I enjoy listening to the KnitPicks podcasts and am always finding useful tips, especially from Kelley.  I guess I’m a bit of a geek myself because I like to get the latest gadgets.  If you’ve been reading my blog for long you will have already figured that out about me.   So…. when I heard there was an APP for knitters I just had to add it to my iTouch! And there it is on my  iTouch…..the cute little green stitch counter in the top lefthand corner.

This morning I am going to add my very first project to the Knit Buddy and show you how it works.  The first thing I did was to take some pictures of the Cloisters Wrap Shawl that I’m working on.

Then, I went to iTunes and synched my iTouch so that I could upload the picture.  Next, I entered all the details about the project, including the picture,  just like we do on Ravelry.

As I entered all the details into the APP, I discovered why Knit Buddy might be a better option than simply using Ravelry.  On the Knit Buddy, you are able to add separate counters for each separate project.  There is also a note page attached to each project page.  So what’s the big deal?  Let me show you.

I’ve recorded on the Note Page how many repeats I need to do on each chart.  This eliminates the need to carry the pattern around.

Then, as I’m working on a chart I can use the counter.   My first counter shows how many repeats of the chart  I’ve done.   My second counter shows which row I’m on in that repeat.  Pretty cool, huh!

That means I no longer need to copy quantities of charts and highlight rows as I finish them…… a tried and true method for me. Instead, I can eliminate 3/4 of that copying and just make one copy of each chart.  Now I can go back to using my KnitPicks Chart Keeper  and have all the information on my iTouch. The iTouch counter will be my master controller!

Of course there are several other wonderful things about the Knit Buddy including having your needle inventory right at your fingertips when you are in your LYS and can’t remember if you have a needle at home in a particular size.  It will also be nice to have future projects entered into the iTouch so I will know exactly what yarn to get if I stumble onto a great yarn bargain somewhere.

It all sounds good in theory but as we  know the proof will be when I actually start to put it into practice!  It looks pretty cool and if it is endorsed by Kelley Petkun……well, what can I say?  She is one organized knitter!  If you would like to listen to the KnitPicks Podcast where she talks about the Knit Buddy APP you will find  it onEpisode 129: Color in Design.  If you want to add the APP to your Apple iTouch or your iPhone, it is available in the iTunes Store.

6 Comments on “Knit Buddy APP

  1. That sounds like a very cool app – I’ll have to check it out. I just have KnitMinder right now which I use for my commute knitting counter…but Knit Buddy sounds like it has a lot more.

  2. Me too I think I need an iPodTouch too but I only just bought a new phone last year and now I wish I went for the iPodTouch instead of the Nokia 😦

    The Cloisters Wrap is looking very beautiful!

  3. I have an Ipod Touch – but don’t know if I want to put all that information into it – I’m lazy that way. Can barely keep up with putting it on a blog and Ravelry – I’ll wait and see if you end up really liking it and using it as time goes by – if so, maybe I’ll do it!

  4. Thank you so much for the review of the Knit Buddy. I bought this application many months ago but have not use it. Now I am going to use it as it sounds great.

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