Seraphim Shawl

On this UFO Thursday the Seraphim Shawl that I had been working on since early November came off the blocking board.

This lovely shawl was a great project to take along with me when I didn’t need to concentrate.  The simple stockinette was perfect to work on in cars, on planes and in front of the television set.

The shawl was knit with a fingering weight yarn which, at first, I didn’t think I would care for.  It makes for a heavier shawl but I discovered this afternoon that it kept me nice and warm when the wind was whipping around me.  In fact, as I ran around town I never wore my coat and the temperature was hovering in the upper thirties.

Miriam Felton’s patterns are always well written and she continues to rank high among my favorite designers.  This pattern e was no exception to the rule.  It was very straightforward and would probably be a good choice as a first lace project.  I enjoyed the simplicity and found myself knitting intuitively instead of being glued to the pattern chart.

I did not make any modifications to the pattern.  In fact, I loved Mim’s own photos so much that I picked the very yarn she did in the very color she choose.  Yep, I’m a copycat all right.

I wasn’t totally satisfied with the points and am contemplating re-blocking.  But all in all I’m pleased with the end product.

Pattern: Seraphim Shawl

Source: MimKnits

Yarn: Dream in Color Smooshy, 2 skeins

Color: Some Summer Sky

14 Comments on “Seraphim Shawl

  1. Beautiful Shawl! I’ve been eyeing this shawl for a while myself. Miriam is one of my favorite designers. I love the blue color!

  2. Quite beautiful. I really like fingering and heavier yarn for shawls for warmth. I have a variety of shawls in different weights and I find I use my heavier weight shawls more for practicality and my laceweight for beauty when I don’t need the warmth.

  3. Very pretty shawl – I love the color too! I like fingering weight shawls for a little bit more warmth – and they do go faster!

  4. How beautiful! I am just so envious of the beautiful work you do. I still haven’t tackled a lace shawl yet, just barely got started on lace socks…lol. You are truly an inspiration!

  5. Gorgeous & I love the color. You have done a beautiful job. Shawl knitting can be addictive especially those with a simple pattern.

  6. It is amazingly beautiful! I’m glad you are liking this weight shawl more than you thought you would.

  7. Just beautiful, Rebecca! I am a fingering wt. shawl fan – lace is elegant, but fingering is much more wearable to me!

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