Above the Clouds

Living 9,035 feet above sea level sometimes gives the feeling of living above the clouds……especially when I see a cloud climbing up the pass from Colorado Springs as I did yesterday.

Although the sky was a brilliant shade of blue the weather man proclaimed that snow was on the way.  Snow? Spring? Springtime in the Rockies!  Sure enough, I woke up to snow this morning as did this little Mountain Bluebird.

As the rest of the nation chants, “April showers bring May flowers” …… I will chant my annual, “April snow brings May showers, May showers bring June flowers.”

Today will be a nice day to stay cozy indoors with a pair of knitting needles, Sirdal in my lap and a cup of Good Earth spiced tea beside me!

4 Comments on “Above the Clouds

  1. We saw that huge cloud building up yesterday, too! The last few Winter Storm Warnings that we’ve had they missed the boat and we didn’t get much accumulation. This time, we did get the snow and it is still coming down – harder at times and just spitting at other times, but it is melting fast. The pastures are going to look so good after all this moisture!

  2. Rebecca, I am *so* envious that you still have snow, and get long cool weather seasons! I know, that sounds crazy, but heck, the cool weather just ends too quickly and goes arid , dry, dead in Northern California.

    I am knitting like crazy, so into stranded color work….

  3. We had a dusting of snow down our way but not near this much. Wolf Creek had quite a bit on it but was melting by late afternoon. I’ve seen it snow here in NW New Mexico in mid May and stick!

    You got an awesome picture of that storm cloud.
    We’ll be driving through your neck of the woods in about a week or so. Sure hope there isn’t any snow then.

    Marilyn (knittinmar on Ravelry)

  4. Beautiful pictures – but I can’t imagine getting snow at this point in the year! I hope you get spring weather soon!

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