A Stork’s Nest Scarf

My mother wanted a lace scarf and she wanted it to be BLACK.  She bought some gorgeous cashmere yarn for this scarf  last year and the texture of this yarn alone should have been enough to entice me to persevere through the challenge of knitting with black yarn.  The first pattern I choose drove me crazy and my eyes wacko and so I cast the lovely cashmere aside.  Nevertheless, every time I asked Mom what color scarf she wanted me to make for her next she would answer,  ‘black.’

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and because I love my mom dearly, I once again picked up the BLACK cashmere yarn and endeavored to find a pattern that would not drive me to blindness knitting it.  I found Stork’s Nest.

One of my favorite designers, Nancy Bush, had designed a lace scarf in the traditional Estonian Stork’s Nest pattern.  Apparently, the huge nests that storks build are part of the springtime landscape in that part of the world just as eagle’s nests are part of Colorado’s landscape.

I did a little investigating of my own and found some pictures of these nests on the internet.  I did not quite see the similarity between the stork’s nest and the traditional lace pattern but I’m just going to figure the Estonians see it when they knit the pattern and leave it there.  It is a lovely pattern that is easy to memorize but what makes it thrilling to knit is the ever-so-buttery touch of handling cashmere.

The yarn is Jojoland Cashmere and it is 100% cashmere laceweight yarn.  Mom likes her scarves short so this is knit to 45″ long and is 9-1/2 ” wide.  The pattern is found in the current edition of Knitting Traditions, a lovely magazine for those who love history.

8 Comments on “A Stork’s Nest Scarf

  1. Oooh, very pretty! I have some black cashmere that’s been frogging and waiting patiently to become something else and I have this pattern waiting patiently in my queue. Perhaps I need to get them together.

  2. Beautiful! You are a very good daughter for knitting a lace scarf with black yarn. (My eyes hurt just thinking about it!)

  3. It is a gorgeous scarf which your Mom will treasure. I once had a black stole which reminds me of the pattern. All my friends asked to borrow it for special occasions. Black is very elegant which lace deserves.

  4. Gorgeous Scarf!
    I really WANT a black scarf/shawl too, so I understand why your Mom wants one – but I sure don’t want to knit it – maybe you could knit me one to???

  5. Nana will love it!! I think your blog needs a like button so I can like it!!

  6. It’s gorgeous & I love the pattern. Knitting with black yarn is a problem for me too & I have only done it once.

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