A Walk on the Dark Side

This afternoon I challenged myself  to take a walk with my camera and to shoot some photos in black and white.  The iTouch was set to ‘chirp’ at ten minutes with an additional challenge to stop right then and there and take pictures of my surroundings, but unfortunately, I met a neighbor and we sat down on the side of the road for an extended visit interrupting my goals.   The photographs I ended up taking were actually on my ten minute walk home so I will have to try this challenge again on another walk.

As you can see, no buds have yet emerged on this aspen tree.

The ten inches of snow we received a few days ago has quickly melted which is one of the wonderful things about springtime snow.

I wanted to discover the effect that different filters had on the black and white shots that I took and thought all the information would be recorded and show up when I uploaded my pictures to Flickr.

Sadly, that information did not show up and I learned nothing about filters except what the book says their effect is.  I do know that one or more of these pictures was shot with either a yellow, orange, red or green filter.  I will need to take another walk on the dark side soon with pencil and notepad to record that information.   THAT, my friends,  will take all the fun out of shooting vicariously!

I have been informed that instead of using my camera on a black and white setting, I will have more control if I just change a color photo to black and white in post processing. I will attempt again to walk exactly 10 minutes from where I live and shoot what’s there.  It won’t be a nine-minute walk, nor will it be an 11-minute walk but shoot what is there and work with what I have.  Then, I will try it again only driving instead of walking.  Will I be challenged?  You betcha!

3 Comments on “A Walk on the Dark Side

  1. This is an interesting challenge. I like the two tree trunks with the lovely play of light and shadow.

    Oh, BTW, just for a heads-up — you are featured on my blog today. Hope you don’t mind.

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