I felt the need to…..

do two things today that I hope I will not live to regret.  There is a possibility of regretting the first decision, but the second?  How could I ever doubt the second decision?

Decision #1

I felt the need to get these little Cosmos sprouts in the soil around a particular aspen tree despite the fact that it snowed this weekend.  And despite the fact that there are at least a dozen little chipmunks scurrying around raiding my bird feeders.  With the abundance of birdseed around, I really don’t know if they will notice that I planted these sprouts.  Nor, do I know if they will think Cosmos sprouts are tasty.  I guess I will know soon, won’t I?

I’m longing for flowers as my new header indicates.  I took the header picture last September when we were at the Butchart Gardens in British Columbia.  The flowers were absolutely incredible!

Decision #2

I felt the need to start another shawl, especially after reading the Knit/Wit’s blog post about her Ishbel.

The husband and I have been longing to take another transatlantic cruise and we just missed the 2010 repositioning of cruise ships to Europe.  When the weather changes in the spring and the fall, many cruise ships join the whales and other seagoing creatures and migrate either north in the summer or south for the winter. Cruise lines must reposition their ships from Alaska to the warmer waters of the Caribbean in the fall, and then move them back to Alaska in the late spring. Most cruise ships that spend their summers in Europe will cross the Atlantic in the late fall to spend the winter months in the Caribbean and then reverse the process the next spring.

Rather than sail the ships without passengers, cruise lines discount these “repositioning” cruises. Cruise ships must discount the fares to make them attractive to passengers who prefer port-intensive cruises.  Not everyone enjoys this kind of cruise but my husband and I do.  These cruises are usually longer than a week and include more sea days, which gives passengers a relaxing cruise vacation, unencumbered by frantic days in port which will begin when you start visiting your port of calls after the crossing.

We have our eye on a British Isles repositioning cruise in May 2011.  PARIS is one of the port of calls.  So with ‘PARIS’ on the brain, how could I resist using this incredible Hand Maiden Sea Silk from my stash, which color is named ‘PARIS’, to knit Ishbel?  No regrets here.  I can just picture a sleeveless black dress with my PARIS Ishbel draped over my shoulders……..dining at a sidewalk cafe in the city of PARIS.

4 Comments on “I felt the need to…..

  1. I’ll bite–what is a “repositioning cruise” and what is the appeal, other than the obvious cruising glories? I’m taking a river cruise this year “Castles on the Rhine”.. Can’t wait.

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