Green Smoothie Challenge

Now that I have established a regular jogging schedule it is time to turn my attention to a more healthy diet.  When A Friend to Knit With posted about a challenge that she and her sister were doing during the month of May, my interest was peaked.  A green smoothie?  Hmmm……what is a green smoothie?

After reading a few more blogs about green smoothies I decided that I would join the 30 Day Challenge to a healthier lifestyle.  After all, the green smoothie everyone talked about sounded far more appealing than the nasty barley green drink that I drank daily a decade ago.  I’m hoping for more energy, a trimmer waistline and lesser desire for carbonated beverages.

How serious am I about doing this challenge?  Well, I took the time to make a ‘button’ and here it is:

The Challenge:

  • Drink at least 16 oz. of green smoothie per day.
  • Exercise six days a week….the American Heart Association says 30 minutes of cardio daily for a healthy heart.
  • Add a green leafy salad to your lunch or supper (with light dressing…stay away from the creamier sauces).
  • Stop drinking sodas….. this will be the hardest thing for me because I love Diet Cherry Pepsi and feel like I have to have something ‘carbonated’ every day.  However, I sure don’t need those artificial sweeteners, do I?
  • Cut out all white sugar.

30 days.  I think I can do this for 30 days.  Only 30 days.  But who knows, maybe some healthier habits will be developed.  Supposedly, this will stop your craving for junk food. I have been doing this for two days and have been pleasantly surprised.  There are zillions of green smoothie recipes out there for your googling pleasure.  I just happened to grab what was on hand and threw it in my blender:  1 cup baby spinach, 1 cup orange juice, 1/2 frozen banana, 1 cup of frozen mixed berries.

I called my daughter to see if she wanted to join me.  She said she would but she wasn’t making her smoothies ‘green’ and she wasn’t going to give up her Coke Zero.  Anyone else want to join me that ‘will’ make their smoothies green?  If you do, grab the button and post about it and then let me know so we can encourage each other!

5 Comments on “Green Smoothie Challenge

  1. I can’t join you on the 30 day challenge since the husband and I are already on a special program without sugar and no juices or breads. Very little fruit at this point, but we’ll add some of that soon.

    Good luck with your green challenge! I’ll try to join you on the exercise part. 😉

  2. Wow! Good luck, but you’re on your own on this one. I gave up cokes almost three months ago because 24 of my teeth – YES, 24 – had some form of decay and had to be fixed by either filling, root canals or pulling. Today I go for a filling, it’s never ending process! You can do the no carbonation, if ‘I’ can, than anybody can! It was all I ever drank. Man, I sure could use a coke right now! 🙂

  3. My hubby and I have been eating very “green” for the past 6 weeks. We did go to Kansas to take care of some things for my 83 yo mom and ate bad while we were there but we’re back on the wagon so to speak. I eat a smoothie every morning for breakfast and a salad for lunch then a grain, like buckwheat, rice or quinoa with veggies and sometimes fish. I call them my “bowls” since I mix it all up like a rice bowl. We’re even losing some weight slowly but surely.
    We’re also looking into buying a juicer since we joined a CSA in the Durango area. We’ll start getting our veggies starting June 2! I can’t wait for local vegetables. It’s been such a long winter!!!!
    One green ingredient I love in my smoothies is “SuperFoods” by Dr. Shultz. It’s awesome and packed full of nutrients.
    Keep up the challenge, you’ll feel so great at the end of the 30 days that you’ll keep going!!!

    Marilyn in NM

  4. I’m not sure that I am up for all of those requirements in the Green Smoothie Challenge, but am very interested. Recently I have been having many green smoothies. I had been wanting to try making them, created the first, and have not turned back.

  5. Okay, I have a suggestion for you, from Jen’s Cafe Kitchen ~ Why not wean yourself into a healthier Cherry Soda, with Cherry Juice (the real stuff) and pour a bit of sparkling mineral water in ? Having the experience of weaning my DH off of soda, it’s important to satisfy the already high tolerance for sugar, if you want to be succesful. Try juice concentrate, with the sparkling water, because you can control the strength and sweetness. Later you can dilute more and more with the sparkling water.

    I have been getting into my own health tonics of ginger tea, which is supposedly an excellent anti-inflamatory and anti-aging tonic. I chopp up a couple tablespoons of fresh ginger, stick it in the nice English Teapot, and pour water rightover it (you’ll need a strainer to pour it through). The nice thing is, it can’t over steep ! It’s great cold too, added for example to greentea iced, or whatever have you. Ginger is spicey hot as you probably know, and honey is mellow, so the two together are really great, and I call the tea combo a ‘Bee Sting’.

    I’m doing salad (wraps) for lunch these days, and getting all the good fresh veggies in them, like shredded romaine, spinach , carrot, and all the healthy fixins, then wrap it all tight in a light tortilla… most awesome , and with high BITE satisfaction, which is a must for eaters like me.

    Not doing the green smoothie yet, but maybe I’ll try that next. 🙂 Good luck !

    ~Jen from MtVeeder

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