I knew it would happen.  I knew that when I choose the dark purple yarn instead of the russet yarn for DRYAD that the silly russet yarn would start calling out to me from the yarn basket and demand to be knit into something.  BRETTA would be its name and it would most definitely have several of my favorite cables.  The intention was just to ‘play’ with yarn and try out a few cables but I soon found that it was a little difficult to cast it aside.

I need to seriously consider casting it aside because I have far too many projects on the burner.  Perhaps this will be another project to play with over the summer months, perhaps it will end up being frogged.  But before I make any decisions one way or the other I would REALLY like your opinions on a couple things I’m wondering about.

  1. What do you think about the ribbing that I’ve added to the bottom?  Do you think I should have stuck with a few rows of seed stitch instead?  If you like the ribbing, should it have been longer, shorter or does it seem about right?  I went down needle sizes with the cable pattern so that it wouldn’t pull in more than it is already doing.
  2. Have I gone a little overboard with cables?  My intention was that this would be a wide scarf because I really like the width of Dryad and it is about the same width.  Although I love this cable combination I’m wondering if it is a bit overpowering.

Thanks in advance for your input.  Because I’m seeking constructive criticism I really won’t get offended with any of your observations.

8 Comments on “Bretta

  1. I think it looks perfect! Love the ribbing, and definitely not too many cables!Beautiful Bretta!

  2. Love all the cables – NOT overpowering…just rich and beautiful !
    The only thing about the ribbing that strikes me is that (at least when it’s scrunched up – might not be so when stretched out) the flow into the cables is not totally smooth (I’m a cable flowing perfectionist, so don’t let this influence you too much!)If it was blocked out, maybe that wouldn’t be so. I love the way the little cable goes into the edging – it’s going to be a beautiful scarf no matter what choices you make 🙂

  3. I love the cables and the ribbing and I think you should knit a sweater instead of
    the scarf with that ribbing and the cables!
    I love how it shows in that color (btw, what
    yarn is that?). The scarf will be gorgeous.

  4. I think it is beautiful. I also think if you spaced them with a filler stitch in between it would make an INCREDIBLE wrap.

  5. I like the ribbing & the way it flows into the cables. I think the cables are gorgeous & not overpowering. The design is great & the color of the yarn is gorgeous.

  6. The scarf looks great so far, and the cabling is wonderful. Since you are asking, I think I would prefer seed stitch at the end, but that’s just me.

  7. I think the ribbing is perfect – not too long, not too short. The cables are absolutely gorgeous together and I agree with Jeannie that this would be a stunning sweater. kelley

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