Bretta Redux

After much deliberation over the many helpful comments I received on my Bretta Scarf, I made the decision to re-knit it with a double sand stitch border and eliminate the original ribbing.  I asked several different groups on Ravelry in addition to posting about it here on the blog and it seemed like half of the knitters liked the ribbing but thought it would look better without it.

One Raveler told me that when we solicit opinions about a project we are not sure about then we need to find the reason we are not completely pleased with the project.  The issue for me was the ribbing being not your standard run of the mill ribbing that you find on a scarf.  I much happier now with a ‘traditional’ ribbing.

I will continue to knit Bretta and when she is the same length as Dryad I will alternate between the two.  Hopefully, I will have two lovely Aran scarves when the aspen start to turn in September.

My wrist was really bothering me yesterday with all this cable work on straight metal needles and I suddenly remembered the beauty of Options Needles.  They are interchangeable and you can take them off a project to use them on another by putting end caps on the cable of the first project.  AND, I remembered how I continue to love using the more flexible Zephyr needles for Aran knitting.  Voila!  No more sore wrists!

6 Comments on “Bretta Redux

  1. The new Bretta looks great. I love the Zephyr needles too & they are great.

  2. Good choice on the Bretta.

    I’m glad to hear that the Zephyrs don’t hurt your wrists. I bought my mom one of each Knit Picks style of interchangeables to try. She said she likes those best. I have the other two for myself. I will probably buy her a set for her birthday. She just had carpal tunnel surgery last fall and has returned to knitting.

  3. As usual, a darned LOVELY project !

    Do you recall how last Autumn when we first met here in blogland, that I was admiring your Oregon sweater? You encouraged me to cast on, but at the time I had no idea what to do. I have been building a stash of Shetland yarns in a personal colorway which I just love, but I don’t know which motifs to use. Why not the Oregon , I thought, with some other Autumny Leaves in a border. Ofcourse, all of this would be self designed, just inspired from Starmore’s Oregon, and it would be a vest. What do you think… I am almost ready to finally Cast On, as you said months and months ago. I can guess that you’ll have some really gorgeous project underway by next Autumn, as you will be already wearing your Aran Scarves.
    ~Jen from MtVeeder

    ps. I really don’t care to knit on anything but circulars now, not really picky, but depending on the yarn , either Addy Turbos or Bamboo.

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