Progressive Ramblings

As a wedding day rapidly approaches I have dedicated myself exclusively to the Twinings Shawl that I promised the mother-of-the-groom.  Two repeats remain to be knit followed by grafting two halves together.  I hope to be blocking this shawl on Friday with a delivery to my friend on Sunday.

Anne Hanson has designed another lovely pattern.  This one was fairly simple and I would love to knit it again for ME in the beautiful Rhubarb color pictured on the pattern.

For the past four months I have been attempting to get a good fit with my contacts.  My eleventh pair is now simmering in cleaning solution waiting for another day of wear, and hopefully adjustment.  This has been a frustrating journey and I am beginning to think that my poor pea brain can’t handle having one eye for distance vision and the other for close up vision.  I have high hopes for this simmering pair of contacts.  Have any of you have been successful with the mono vision soft lenses? Should I give up and get contacts for distance and wear granny glasses for reading and knitting?  Should I give up altogether and wear bifocal glasses?  Should I continue to persevere and hope my brain adjusts?

I have a new toy and it needs a name.  Can you give me some suggestions?  My husband thinks I should call it ‘G-G’ for ‘Gadget-Girl’.  That is one of the nicknames that he has given me.  I wonder why?

If you haven’t heard of the Nook it is an electronic reader just released by Barnes and Noble.  It can do several things that the Kindle can’t do.  It is pretty cool and I’m devouring books.  The Nook can also side load PDF files and I will most definitely be putting Knitting patterns on it.  How cool is that?

So……what do YOU think I should name my Nook?

9 Comments on “Progressive Ramblings

  1. I have monovision contact lenses, but I have RGP lenses, not soft ones. I like them most of the time, but sometimes I still wear two distance lenses, such as when I go to a play. It seems like I don’t see quite as well as I did when I first got them a few years ago, but maybe that’s just because my reading vision is getting poorer with age.

    The first thing that jumped into mind when you wanted a name for your Nook was a bit silly: Ingle.

  2. The Nook looks a very cool gadget and GG sounds good too for a name. As for contact lenses I’ve tried to have them many times and my right eye is really fine with it but my left is another matter. So I have gien up trying for a couple of years but I am determined to try again so don’t give up Rebecca I won’t. And there is nothing wrong with granny glasses you can get some very trendy ones these days. So if the odd vision contacts don’t work just get the norm and use granny glasses for the close up things. At least that’s what I plan on doing. Oh and the shawl is beautiful.

  3. Beautiful shawl! And I love that you’re reading the Outlander books on your gadget. Maybe “Jamie” as a name for the nook??

    Nope, no monovision here. I tried it, more than once. It just makes me headachey and nauseated every time. I prefer good crisp distance vision with both eyes, and cheap funky reading glasses for close up.

  4. Beautiful Shawl!

    I have worn monovision contacts since they were invented – at least 30 years. It only took a couple of days for my eyes to adjust so maybe you need a different prescription?? I also wear disposable contacts which are much healthier for your eyes. Good luck!

  5. Book Nook. That’s the best I have, which is very lacking. 😉

    I tried to wear monovision and bifocal contacts. I failed. I wear regular bifocals, which also took me a long time to get used to. I don’t wear glasses except for close work, but everything I do is close work! My dishes are cleaner now and I can see what I’m eating.

    One problem with the contacts is that I’d “take a break” for a day when they bugged me or gave me a headache. I think you have to wear them everyday for them to work. Good luck with them! I might try them again someday.

  6. I think the husband nailed it on the name for your new gadget. The shawl is beautiful.

  7. GG sounds perfect!!! I’ve been considering a Nook…You may have convinced me. What should I name mine?

  8. I have been wearing mono vision soft contact lens for the past 5 years & they are great. I have have mono vision glasses. It’s a matter of getting use to it.

  9. Gadget Girl is cute – I would go with that and then nickname her GG. I named mine Snookums – not altogether original. I wanted to name it something to portray my obsession/crush on Gerard Butler but I refrained. Instead I downloaded a pic of him to use as my wallpaper – so I guess in a way, Snookums is completely appropriate (albeit as a fantasy) kind of way – LOL!

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