Indian Paintbrush

The wildflowers are beginning to bloom here in Colorado.  With all the precipitation we have received this past year I expect the colors to be brilliant.  I’m hard pressed to pick a favorite wildflower but the Indian Paintbrush ranks among the top of those favorites.

They are known for their bright red color, although they can vary from orange to scarlet to purple to even white or yellow. Their color comes from dense, bright bracts that surround the actual flower.  I’ve noticed that they are lighter in color in seasons of drought.

Because there are no places to perch on the Paintbrush, they attract “hovering” insects and birds for pollination. It also is the state flower for Wyoming.

I thought it would be nice to have a touch of Colorado summer around my neck when the winter snows come again next year. Just a bit of color to remind me that if I can persevere and endure the long months of winter there would be wildflowers to bring joy to my soul when the winter was over.

When I saw that The Woolen Rabbit had named one of her Opulence dyes ‘Indian Paintbrush’ I instantly pressed the “Add to Cart” button.  I didn’t even hesitate.  I’m sure you know how that phenomena happens, right?

Opulence is a 50/50 blend of Merino and silk. It is quite lovely and quite soft.  This skein of yarn is destined someday to become a Rivolo Scarf (Ravelry link), another pattern of Anne Hanson.

But the color?  Not quite what I had hoped for.  Perhaps the Indian Paintbrush in New Hampshire are not the same brilliant orange they are here in west.   The yarn is lovely and I know that I will enjoy knitting with it; however, I’m not sure I will be dreaming of Colorado summers when I wrap it around my neck on a snowy winter day.

3 Comments on “Indian Paintbrush

  1. It’s such a beautiful flower and you are right the colour is just magnificent. Oh yeah I can definitly relate to the push buy now button phenomena. It is a gorgeous looking yarn though.

  2. Hi Becky!
    I tried mono vision disposable contacts for 2yrs. before getting lasik surgery. Keep trying, its so much less hassel, and so much easier than hunting for a pair of glasses. I do have to use distance lens for theatre movies, and for nite driving. Lasik is so good for me. I wake up seeing! Love Ann B.

  3. Great flower shots! I miss the paintbrush, we don’t get them around here. They were a delight every summer when we lived in Montana.

    I once bought a yarn just because it was named Corgi something-or-other. In real life it looked nothing like my dog though.

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