First Harika Sock

The first Harika sock is soaking in a nice warm Eucalen bath and will be on the blocking sock soon.  Have I told you how much I LOVE this sock?  It is true.  I have fallen in love and I’m having way too much fun knitting these.  I foresee more stranded socks in my future.

Now I’m off to cast on the second Harika and will show you a finished pair on the Fourth of July….hopefully.  More details?  Click here.

10 Comments on “First Harika Sock

  1. I love them! Now I think I would like to
    give them a try. What pattern did you use
    and what yarn did you knit them out of. I
    love that they are self stripping. Makes it
    easier – like you said, faux fair isle!

  2. That is one gorgeous sock! You did a fantastic job. Maybe one of these days…….:-)

  3. I really love knitting stranded socks too. I may have to splurge on this pattern. It’s gorgeous, as is your rendition of it!!! Looking forward to seeing the pair of them. Enjoy the 4th…. isn’t the year racing by (again!)

  4. Absolutely gorgeous! I’m really impressed with it. I made a stranded sock once and had to give it away – it was too tight.

  5. They are gorgeous & I love them too. You are so good with stranded socks. I really have to give this a try.

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