Sock Knitters Anonymous ~ June Challenge

Harika is finished!  What can I say about the experience?  Stranded socks take a LONG time to knit!

But they are sooooooooooo worth the effort!

Yarn Used:

Regia Kaffe Fasset Landscape Fire

Regia Uni Petrol

I love that the sole pattern was different than the instep pattern.

I really don’t enjoy knitting corrugated heels or ribbing of any kind but the effect is pretty.

A nice little knitting accessory helped me keep the two strands from tangling, my fair isle knitting bowl.  It had two adjacent grooves to feed the separate yarn strands.  This was a Christmas present from my mother and was made by Stitch Witch.

All in all this was a fun pair of socks to knit and the designer, Stephanie van der Linden has flown to the top of my favorite sock designer list!  This pattern can be found in the Twist Collection.  She has another pattern that I just purchased called Wallflower and I’m knitting it in Denver Bronco colors:

13 Comments on “Sock Knitters Anonymous ~ June Challenge

  1. Your socks are absolutely gorgeous and a work of art! I would almost be afraid to wear them but your choice of yarn makes them durable.

    Did you know your yarn bowl came from Georgia? The “KnitWitch” lives in Blairsville.

  2. Don’t you just love your yarn bowl? I picked up one from the Knit Witch while at Stitches South in Atlanta last year. I can tell you those bowls were flying off the shelf! lol I wish I had picked up one with two notches….oh well…I do plan on going to Stitches South again some day. Your socks are gorgeous! I may have to try those one of these days.

  3. I love that pattern. I ordered it a while ago, but couldn’t get the variegated yarn,and I couldn’t find a substitute that had the rich cathedral window type colors. You’ve inspired me to look harder for the right yarn. Is the stranded sock much thicker than a regular sock?

  4. These are just gorgeous! I love the idea of using a self-striping/patterning yarn as one of your colors. I swear when I saw the first sock I thought you were changing colors!

  5. These turned out great! I love your photographs – they show off all the details perfectly.

  6. Harika looks fantastic. This is the 1st time that I have seen a yarn bowl – really interesting.

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