Pearls of Wisdom from an Old Woman

When I was a young wife and mother I used to get very stressed about having people over for dinner. My house had to be immaculate and the dinner had to be perfect.  Usually, by the time my company arrived, I was in a grumpy mood and my family was tired of having me bark orders.

Then I asked a 92 year old woman to give me a tip on hospitality.  Her deceased husband had been a very public figure and their home was always open.  She told me that true hospitality was not about serving a gourmet meal or having a lovely home.  True hospitality was about opening your home up and making someone feel like you cared about them.  Years later they would remember that visit with great fondness, even if you had  only served a peanut butter sandwich to them.

Over the years I have discovered that her words of wisdom rang true so now I pass them on to you!

What was the best piece of advice that YOU ever received?  Leave a comment because I would love to know!

8 Comments on “Pearls of Wisdom from an Old Woman

  1. I was once told, it isn’t the clothes you wear, the perfect do, or the elegant way you speak, but the heart inside that matters most.

  2. My own favorite “pearl” or saying is “Everything in moderation” and I truly believe it.

    Another is that when I die I wouldn’t want to be remembered as the woman who kept a perfect house. That would be a testament to a very boring and uncreative life.

  3. One of my favorites is that your kids won’t remember that your house was spotless or that you’ve worked lots of overtime. They will remember if you took time to play a game or to be with them.

  4. “Prior planning prevents poor performance.” This is the piece of advice that most often comes to my mind, either when knitting (do the gauge swatch), quilting (read through the pattern completely), or in life generally.

  5. I’m afraid there’s no elequent or wise purls of wisdom to pass on that I’ve heard, but perhaps, my own philosophy shared. I strive to make my home the same when guests come, as when I am alone, as when my husband is home. I want to unite all circumstances into one perspective of clean, comfortable, and calm. I need to really get working on the CLEAN part, as the doghair, cobwebs, and dust have moved in and don’t pay rent! All three components seem to work together in unison, and one can’t be missing or it just doesn’t work. Cant’ have clean and calm without comfort, nor comfort without clean or calm, and can’t be calm without comfort or clean. I love that… the Three C’s.

  6. ps. Oh, and I forgot the part about guests not feeling comfortable if the Host or Hostess is not comfortable. So I think, extending out to the guests that which we as hostess feels, is the key and very important.

  7. Thank you for those words of wisdom. I definitely needed to hear them as I am very uncomfortable entertaining in my messy house! I love the saying, “If you came to see me, come on in. If you came to see the house, make an appointment.”

  8. We have friends coming for the weekend and even at my great age, I need to be reminded of those wise words. Everyone will have a more relaxed and better time if the table settings are not quite so coordinated, the house and meal not quite so perfect!!!
    Thanks for that.

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