A Heel Grows from a Wallflower

I am really enjoying knitting WALLFLOWER (Ravelry details) this month but coloring this flower is slow work because I am working on 2.0 mm needles.  I’m calling these socks my Bronco Wallflowers because they are in Denver Bronco colors and I have ever intention of wearing them as I watch those Broncos this coming football season.  I have always loved the orange and blue color combination.

Over the years I have knit many socks but I have yet to come across a heel construction like the one on WALLFLOWER.  I’ve never seen it in any sock book either so I’m wondering if it is the designer’s own invention.

As you see, the heel is gradually ‘growing’ from the sock cuff as I continue to knit the round across all needles.  I’m increasing stitches within the growing heel pattern keeping a design that is growing just for the heel.  I have no idea how all this is going to pull together and join to the foot.  I’m taking it ‘one step at a time’ or more descriptively, ‘one FOOT at a time.’

I’m very curious to see if any of you have knit a heel like this.  Anyone?

Also, thanks for the ‘pearls of wisdom’ left in the comments of my last post about the old woman.  I enjoyed reading them!

8 Comments on “A Heel Grows from a Wallflower

  1. I love your knitting! I wish I could sit with you and learn how to strand so beautifully. If my stitches ended up half as pretty as yours, I’d be thrilled! Thanks for posting inspiration!

  2. It is wonderful! I have not made it through all of Cat Bordhi’s sockitectures from New Pathways, but I seem to remember reading about something similar to this, but have not seen such a gorgeous pattern applying the idea.

  3. Pretty! I’m waiting to see how this heel develops, because it’s unlike any heel I’ve ever seen.

  4. Lovely colors. That’s an interesting heel & it will be great to see it all knitted up.

  5. Okay, that does it, I just have to learn how to knit socks. (I’ve changed my identity, it’s me, Jen, from CA, and this is my new wordpress avatar. See you around !

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