Mystery Monkey Sock Revision

Monkeys always bring a smile to my face – anywhere, anytime and any kind.  These mismatched Mystery Monkey Socks make me smile every time I put them on my feet.

The original pattern was always a little loose on me so I re-worked the pattern to offer a smaller size.  I like my socks snug on the foot portion on the pattern.

The yarn I used was mostly Knit Picks with the exception of the gray jacquard that I found at Jo-Anne’s.  It is called Jo Ann Sensations Soles & More.  All of these yarns seem like they will hold up well.

The solid gray sock uses the same pattern with a waffle stitch variation.  Silly monkey socks.  I need to write that variation into the pattern and, sigh, I guess I need to learn how to make a pdf file for Ravelry.  It appears that one of the editors set up the pattern on Ravelry and linked to my site.

Speaking of which, there is a tab at the top of my blog for anyone interested in knitting this pattern.

I did want to thank ALL of you who left sweet comments for a speedy recovery with my neck/shoulder.  I continue to go to physical therapy twice a week and he tells me I am about 60% recovered.  I am gradually adding a little bit of knitting back in to my life but am careful to stretch periodically  – and YOU better be stretching, too my friends!

Meanwhile, THIS amazing book arrived in my mailbox yesterday.  I had forgotten that I had pre-ordered it last year when I found out that Stephanie Van Der Linden was translating one of her books into English.  There are some very beautiful stranded patterns in this book and I am finding it difficult restraining myself from startitis…..starting with the pair of socks on the front cover!  The book is called Around the World in Knitted Socks ( Amazon link).

Autumn is in the air, especially up here in the mountains where the aspen are already starting to turn golden.  With the turning of the leaves comes a severe (and I mean SEVERE) case of startitis to this mountain girl!

Come on Autumn, work your magic on me and let me become entangled in the magical web of creativity!

7 Comments on “Mystery Monkey Sock Revision

  1. Very cute socks! I love the bits of red. I’m knitting a LOT more lately, mostly work related. I’ve taken your warning, think of you and stretch often.

    … off to check out the new book!

  2. Cute socks! I’m glad you are continuing to heal. I’ve been interested to hear more about that book. I think I might be rooting for your startitis to win out for that pair on the cover.

  3. Oh, yes, yes, yes… from one Mountain Girl to another, I know how this season inspires ! (By the way, I love the candle & leaves piece ! I must copy !) However, in NorthernCA, we don’t get colorful leaves near as much, and not for another month (or two). For now, still dry as a bone, and looking up in the sky for some rain clouds.

    You have been missed on my Ravelry blog updates !!!! Write more, please? Perhaps you can’t imagine how addicted the fellow knitters have become, to your fine photography and text, and to peer into such a sweet life as yours, is the most delicious treat.

    I have been stretching, as I think of you , when I knit. I worry that as my shoulders naturally hunch up (the most bizarre tendency, apparently it’s very common then)… and how does one really stretch. Head back and forth, forward and backward? I am SO glad you’re knitting again ! I sigh with relief.

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