34th Annual Colorado Balloon Classic

Sixty-three hot air balloons ascended without a hitch last Saturday for the 34th annual Colorado Ballon Classic.  The husband and I did not see the wave of balloons lift off but we did see them ‘glow up’ several hours later as the sun descended upon Colorado Springs.

A crowd of as many 75,000 returned to the park at dusk to watch anchored balloons illuminated by their hot air burners during the “Balloon Glo” and we were two of those 75,000.  We arrived a couple hours before dusk to walk around the park and enjoy the festivities.

I had never seen one of these gizmos before.  I don’t even know what they are called but if I were a kid I would definitely take a little run in one.  They remind me of the exercise balls we had for our hamsters many moons ago.
After walking around the lake and scoping out all the food and various vendors we sat down on a grassy spot to enjoy the rest of the  evening. We passed a huge snow cone back and forth between us and watched the spectators.
And then, just before dusk the balloons arrived and were filled with air, including Ham-let the Pig and the Energizer Bunny.
Perfect weather lifted the spirits of everyone around us as we counted down in unison, “10, 9, 8 …….3, 2, 1…” and all the torches were flared to light up the balloons.  The weather was cool enough to put on a light jacket although, a certain someone left hers in the car.  Colorado evenings cool down pretty quickly!
Torching the Ballo0ns
Balloons all a-glowing!
Ham-let the Pig

All in all, it was a enjoyable occasion shared with my sweetheart albeit strange not to have children tagging along with us.


Colorado 34th Annual Ballon Glow

6 Comments on “34th Annual Colorado Balloon Classic

  1. too funny, our balloon fest is this weekend. It rainedd yesterday but we are taking T today for her first glimpse at the balloons, I think she’ll love it.

  2. Glad to hear you are getting better. Beautiful photos. Looks like it was a really great event. You’ve inspired me to order the “Around The World In Knitted Socks”. I needed some inspiration to go back to knitting socks because I’ve not knit a pair in a very long time.

  3. I recently discovered your blog, and I love it!! Great socks from your previous post. And OMG, what a wonderful time you must have had, those balloons at night are simply stunning!

  4. I love hot air balloons – well the pretty ones, lol. They had a festival last Saturday in a place about 45 minutes from where I live. Some day I’ll make it there to photograph it. However, I guess the weather conditions this year weren’t very good and they couldn’t lift off, or lift very high. It was windy and rainy and just yucky.

  5. DH and I totally need to bum a room from one of his sisters down there and attend this some year. Probably not until he’s out of grad school though I guess. Thanks for letting us attend vicariously!

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