Diamond Fantasy Shawl

Luster of silk.

Mystery of the Sea.

Handmaiden Sea Silk.

Handmaiden Sea Silk is a luxurious silk combined with Sea Cell (a cellulose based fibre made with Seaweed) which gives the fiber a dramatic sheen and beautiful drape.  My daughter gave me a Loopy Ewe gift certificate last year for my birthday and, after hearing the many praises of Sea Silk, I purchased a skein in the ‘Paris’ color-way.

I enjoyed knitting with this yarn but probably will not be using it again anytime soon.  I spent more time untangling it than I did knitting with it, I guess because of it’s fiber content.

This Silvia Harding pattern was gifted to me by a knitting buddy when I admired her Diamond Fantasy on her blog.  She hasn’t blogged in a long while so I hope she somehow sees the pattern she gifted to me knit up.  I started two other Diamond Fantasy shawls with different yarns but my skill level at the time was not advanced enough to understand what I was doing and I ended up frogging both.  It was nice to pick the pattern up again and finally comprehend it! (Ravelry details)

I had a tough time capturing the lovely colors of ‘Paris’ so here is yet another photo.  If all goes as planned, I should be in Paris next May wearing this shawl.  My year of knitting is planned around all the countries we plan to visit, you know how I like to knit memories!

15 Comments on “Diamond Fantasy Shawl

  1. That is a lovely shawl that has been in my queue for sometime. A friend also gifted me with the pattern and yarn. One of these days! Yours is beautiful and what a great shawl pin for it too!

  2. What a beautiful shawl and how exciting to knit for your trip to Europe! Beautiful work!

  3. GORGEOUS shawl!!
    Diamond Fantasy has always been one of my very favorite shawl patterns and I’ve yet to make it…

  4. So beautiful! I love that it already has special meaning, and is planned to take on more wonderful memories in the future.

  5. Gorgeous! I’m jealous…Paris is one of my very favorite places on earth. You’ll look fabulous in a little bistro wearing that, sipping wine!

  6. Your shawl is so beautiful. I’m meaning to read through my blog list, but I keep going back to yours to admire the photos again.

  7. Gorgeous Becky!
    Also, just wanted to credit you w/ inspiring me to do the c25k; I started in July and did my first EVER 5k last weekend with my whole family! I figured, hey, I’m still young at 48, and there’s no time like the present.

    So, thank you thank you! Hugs!

  8. Gorgeous shawl & the colors are stunning. Sea Silk is a lovely yarn & I have used it for a few projects.

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