In the absence of a ready model, I was outside this morning attempting to take photos of a finished Dryad Scarf when I happened upon this feather.  It brought a smile to my face because, as much as I love Stellar Jays, they are noisy little creatures and are always either causing a noisy squawking ruckus or monopolizing the bird feeder and pushing the cute little chickadees and finches away.
Henry Behn captured their personalities in a poem he penned called, Invitation. Some of you may enjoy poetry and some may not.  Some may be birdwatchers and some may not so those in the latter category may want to skip right down to the bottom of this blog entry……a finished Dryad.


Blue jay, fly to my window sill!

Here’s suet and raisins, so eat your fill.

Not that I care for your scratchy call,

And I like your manners least of all,

But when you are hungry, the chickadees

Who ask politely, please, please, please,

Are much too bothered by what you say —

So come have your breakfast, and fly away!

Fall always makes me want to put aside my lace projects and focus on anything with cables.  I have thoroughly enjoyed knitting Jared Flood’s Dryad.  Thoroughly!  Combined with the Queensland Kathmandu Aran, I have been lost in a land of intertwining cable-ey happiness.  I made it almost to the end without making any mistakes but I had the misfortune of doing so when I took the scarf to a Rockies baseball game.  This is NOT the kind of project one should knit during an exciting baseball game.  For one, you can’t exactly jump up in excitement when the bases are loaded without either dropping the cable needle or getting intwined in a scarf.  Plain vanilla socks would have been a much better choice.  Nonetheless, I was able to knit some memories into Dryad and I am quite smitten with her.

As mentioned in earlier posts, the color is not one that I would have picked but it was what I had in stash.  It is very difficult to photograph.  I think I will knit some fingerless mitts or gloves to wear with Dryad.  Any suggestions for an Aran weight yarn?

A hat might be nice, too!  I enjoyed knitting Knotty But Nice last December so maybe I will give it a go in Kathmandu.

8 Comments on “Invitation

  1. There’s something about cables in a nice tweedy yarn that’s so enchanting. I think the hat would be a perfect match!

  2. I love Kathmandu! Its the same yarn I made Moose’s Cobblestone out of.
    Let it be known that I think of you when I think of cable projects, Cable Queen.

  3. The scarf if beautiful Rebecca. I am knitting Twist right now and I understand about the cables. They can be very addicting.

  4. Gorgeous! I’ve been indulging in a bit of cable-y goodness, too. Did you get the new edition of Starmore’s Aran with the extra pattern?

  5. Love the scarf! Looks nice and warm, too. Was hoping it was a free pattern, lol. Maybe when I start getting paid again (I’m a supply teacher and didn’t get much work this month) I’ll get it. Love the hat as well. Think I’ll try making it myself sometime!

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