Tantallon – A Fair Isle Beanie

When Tantallon was revealed on Needled, I knew I would be rummaging through my Alice Starmore stash to make a similar beanie.  My fingers have been longing to play with color schemes and knit a bit of fair isle and Tantallon was a likely candidate to do so.


KNIT with Hebridean stash yarn.  RESIST the overwhelming urge to place an order with Virtual Yarns purchasing the exact colors that Kate Davies used!

Incidentally, whenever I purchase a skein of Hebridean 2-ply I take the attached card, punch a hole on both ends, thread a few strands of the yarn onto it and put it on a keyring.  The color name is printed on the back of the card.

The colors I chose are pleasing to my eye and will work nicely with my favorite winter walking jacket.

Fulmar ~ Erica ~ Shearwater ~ Golden Plover ~ Machair

~ and~

Dale of Norway Heilo Natural

I modified the pattern by decreasing the number of pattern stitches from 200 to 170.  If I had knit the pattern as specified,  the beanie would have been enormous on my head.  My gauge was the one specified in the pattern so I’m perplexed as to why so many stitches were called for.  Actually, even my smaller size could use a bit of felting in the dryer to make it a wee bit snugger.


WEAVING in those dreaded ends that accompany frequent color changes is an arduous task.  The ‘smart’ knitter would do this as she knit instead of waiting until the beanie is complete as I have done.  If truth be told, I’m more anxious to see those colors changing and don’t take the time to weave in those tails as I progress.  Consequently, it took the better half of a morning to get these woven in.

I rolled the beanie in a towel to soak up excess moisture after its thirty minute Eucalen soak.  Then, I tossed in the dryer in hope of slight shrinkage.

I like the little i-cord loop on the top of the hat.

Tantallon is looking fuzzy as she dries but it will look better after it is completely dry.

I hope to get some outdoor shots soon but, when I do, I’m expecting Tantallon to look similar to this last photo, a slouchy beanie.



4 Comments on “Tantallon – A Fair Isle Beanie

  1. Very nice. Your colors are lovely. We sure are in need of hats these days.

  2. Too lovely!

    Shhh, that’s how the sleeve of Mary Tudor looks to this day…….weaving in all those ends…….one of these days. Of course now that I’ve done it, I’ve learned a trick on how not to need to.

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