In the Shadow of the Abbey

Jeanne asked me yesterday if I liked Black Water Abbey Yarn and I give a resounding ‘YES’!  The yarn comes from County Kilkenny in Ireland and is created to portray the colours of the Irish landscape much as Alice Starmore does with her Scottish yarn.  When I’ve knit with this yarn I feel it is a yarn of quality and the texture is very similar to Hebridean 2ply.  The Black Water Abbey yarn is also 2ply and is a lightweight worsted.  The yarn is distributed by Black Water Abbey Yarns in Aurora, Colorado.

The colors are stunning and there are three in particular, maybe four, that I long to create something with.  I’ve spent some time perusing Ravelry and seeing what other knitters have knit in those colours. Here are a few that have captured my attention:

ArtLady’s Tweedy Aran in RUST,

Knitwitmom’s Twist Sweater in CHESTNUT and

Lisa’s October Frost in AUTUMN

Jeanne also asked what I thought about the BWA Vickie Cardigan and expressed that she might knit it without the ribbing.  That brought a smile to my face because the ribbing was what initially attracted me to the sweater.  In fact, that is also s feature of the Starmore sweaters that I find unique and beautiful.  But, to each his own!  Isn’t that what makes us all interesting knitters?

Judy challenged me to finish VICKIE by February 1st and she has good reason to do so.  A few years ago she spearheaded a VICKIE KAL on Yahoo Groups.  She finished her Vickie.  I did not.  She says we can both wear them on February 1rst in celebration.  That is a lofty goal for me.  Two weeks to finish the back?  Possible.  Sewing the whole thing together by February 1rst?  We’ll see.  I may not have enough yarn to finish because a certain, innocent looking, golden retriever loves yarn as much as I do.

This sweet faced golden retriever loves all things related to knitting.  Kappy moved in with us last October and will be moving to his new Denver home in two weeks with his owners.  He has stuck by my side and bonded with me in many ways, especially knitting.  Thus far he has chewed up several wooden double point needles that I left unattended, eaten ball bands off skeins of yarn as well as one tape measure and a few skeins of yarn.  And, horror of horrors, he chewed up my wooden yarn swift.  It still works although it is awfully wobbly.  But just as we love our children no matter what they do, I still love this pooch and will miss him when he is gone.


6 Comments on “In the Shadow of the Abbey

  1. Rebecca, thank you so much for sharing your
    love for this yarn. I happen to love several of the colors you also are interested in. And you will be happy to know that I started my Vickie Cardigan and
    decided to do the rib as called for. I am
    finding the twist stitch a slow process but
    after knitting a normal rib, ripped it out
    and decided that I should do as written! I
    can’t wait to see yours finished. The yarn
    feels sooo good in my hands. I just love it.

  2. I forgot to tell you I loved your story
    about Kappy. Goldens are wonderful. We had
    one for 14 year.

  3. What a sweet face! My cat is jealous of my knitting and often tries to run with it (jerking it out of my hands). I don’t get mad, I just shake my head and laugh at how successful she is! Beautiful photography, btw.

  4. If you don’t get the BWA newsletter, go to the website to read about the new colors and those being discontinued.

  5. I hadn’t heard of this yarn before. The colors are gorgeous, and I want to make all of the patterns you referenced. Lovely photos, too!

  6. Oh my a very naughty puppy!!! We have a new kitten and he also is very naughty but we still love him. I love all the colours on the Abbey colour card. October Frost has been in my queue for a loooong time perhaps I shall buy some Abbey yarn and knit it up this winter. You really do inspire me Rebecca with all your beautiful projects and yarns 🙂

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