A Hat from a Purse?

I have a Fossil purse, or shall I say project bag, that I carry around with me when I’m out and about.  This colorful purse has often drawn comments of praise and I must admit, the colors are what drew me to the purse when I purchased it.  I’ve gone to my stash cupboard on numerous occasions and pulled out colors that matched the purse and pondered, ” Is it crazy should I make a hat to match this purse?

Whimsical colors.  BRIGHT colors.  Too bright? What the heck!  I can wear the hat in my neighborhood if they are and only the deer will notice.  And so begins the story of a hat.  I’ve charted the design, picked the colors and am writing the pattern as I knit.  I will call it the Guernsey Potato Peel Hat named after a w-o-n-d-e-r-f-u-l book that I read this year.  I’ll tell you about that book in another post and tell you why this hat is so aptly named after the book.

I’m playing right now so don’t even think about reminding me about a certain sweater I’m supposed to be trying to finish.  I needed to have a little bit of fun this week to take my mind off the eye surgery that I’m having tomorrow, most especially off the daunting fact that my eyes will be too blurred over the next three weeks to knit….sigh…..or read…..sigh….or watch television.

6 Comments on “A Hat from a Purse?

  1. Pretty! I hope you’re enjoying the knit. I can’t wait to hear about this book too.
    I hope all goes well with your surgery and you heal quickly!

  2. What a pretty hat!

    I hope the surgery goes well and that you make a fast recovery. I can’t imagine not being able to read or knit for three whole weeks! Stock up on some good podcasts or audiobooks!

  3. Bea.u.ti.ful! Great colors, greater in the way you put them together. Will you share the pattern? ;^)


  4. Love the hat. Hope your surgery went well! I am more then half way reading that book myself it’s a great book!

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