Ten on Tuesday: And the Oscar Goes To….

Once upon a time I not only recognized the movies being nominated for the best picture of the year but I also saw every movie in the lineup!  But alas, it seems that my taste in films has not followed the changes in our society’s taste in films and I’ve grown weary of actors making political statements when the spotlight is upon them.

If truth be known, when I looked at the list of Academy Award-winning films since the first Oscar was awarded it was quite obvious that I seemed to have been born in the wrong century decade.  My favorites (i.e. Gone with the Wind, Rebecca among many others)were made in the 1940’s l-o-n-g before all the high-tech movies of today.  I’ve enjoyed a lot of movies in my time so this week’s TEN on TUESDAY topic was both fun and challenging.

I made the challenge a little ‘less’ challenging by narrowing the list to movies that I’ve physically seen in a theater rather than on television, VHS or DVD.  So, my list begins in 1965 with the first Oscar winning movie that I remember sitting in a theatre chair to see, The Sound of Music.

And the Mumster’s Oscar goes to…….

  1. The Sound of Music (1965) Roger’s and Hammerstein music with the ever memorable songs “Edelweiss”,”My Favorite Things”, “Climb Ev’ry Mountain”, “Do-Re-Mi”, “Sixteen Going on Seventeen”, and the title song, “The Sound of Music.”  An amazing and true  story of the von Trapp family during WWII.  Just thinking of the movie brings to mind my intense dislike of the Baroness Schraeder and  how I ached for the von Trapp children to have Maria for their mother.  What a difference she made in their lives.
  2. Rocky (1976) It is incredibly hard for me to imagine ever having a crush on Sylvester Stallone of all but I did.  I loved the music in this film and what made it especially exciting for me was that Bill Conti, who wrote the music, grduated from my alma mater, LSU.  The year Rocky won the Oscar, he came to our homecoming football game and directed Tiger Band. (Geaux Tigers!)
  3. Chariots of Fire (1981)  The inspirational story of Eric Liddell, a Scottish Christian who refused to participate in the Olympics on the Sabbath because he ran for the glory of God instead of his own glory.  (Can’t say the same about the vast majority of athletes today!)  Inspirational music that inspired me to start jogging when I lived in Denver.  I had the soundtrack on a cassette tape  in a giant Walkman and had to flip the cassette over as I was running!  Nowadays the same song is on my iTouch and I will still play it while jogging on my treadmill and remember that famous beach scene where all the athletes are running barefoot on the sand!
  4. Terms of Endearment (1983) Although this is billed as a romantic comedy there is quite a bit of tragedy in it.  I enjoyed watching it when I was young from the eyes of the ‘daughter’ in the film and enjoy watching it now that I’m the age of the ‘mother’ in the film and have raised my own daughters.  LOVE the fact that mother’s always seem to keep vigils over their children no matter how old they are!  Shirley MacLain has made me laugh for decades now.
  5. Dances with Wolves (1990)  Especially endearing because we were wanting to move back to a Rocky Mountain state.  Or, maybe it was because I had a crush on Keven Costner and his green eyes.  Or, maybe it was because I love music written by John Williams…………probably a combination of all three reasons.
  6. Driving Miss Daisy (1989) Love how the relationship evolves between Miss Daisy (Jessica Tandy) and her chauffeur (Morgan Freeman), two of my favorite actors.  I generally always like ‘southern’ movies since I’m a southerner in my heart.  This one takes place in Atlanta, Georgia.
  7. Braveheart (1995) Mel Gibson as the 14th c. Scottish knight, Sir William Wallace.  Ahhhhhh, Scotland…..to go back to a time when men were men and women were women.  My personal opinion is that the women’s movement has emasculated men and I’ve watched it happen in my lifetime. Loved the soundtrack!
  8. Gladiator (2000) Another historical epic filled with testosterone!  Since I majored in Ancient History in college I especially liked this tale of a betrayed Roman general reduced to slavery as a gladiator.  I also love the music of Hans Zimmer.
  9. A Beautiful Mind (2001) When this movie came out we were going through the college selection process with our oldest daughter who was seriously considering Princeton.  I found this story of a schizophrenic prodigy named John Nash fascinating and alarming at the same time.  This man went on to teach at MIT and won a Nobel Prize in Economics despite his diagnosis!  Although I’m not that crazy about Russel Crowe as a person, I’m finding him a very convincing actor in whatever role he plays.
  10. Lord of the Rings, Return of the King (2003)It was great fun seeing one of my favorite childhood trilogies put to film.  What amazing actors in this trilogy!  I was so sad to see them come to an end but we still watch them over and over thanks to DVDs!

I really enjoyed participating in Carole’s Ten on Tuesday Challenge and will continue to do them.  If you are interested in hopping on board click here to link to her site.

So………..what is YOUR favorite Oscar movie?

8 Comments on “Ten on Tuesday: And the Oscar Goes To….

  1. Gone With the Wind is my all time favorite movie but I have seen most of the movies you mention. Most are among my favorites too. I agree with you about the movies of today. There is rarely one I even care to watch.

  2. I definitely had to set criteria to help me narrow down the choices. I opted to go for things we owned on DVD as that indicated we liked it enough for repeat viewings. There are lots of other Oscar winning movies that I really enjoyed but wouldn’t want to own because the stories are too heavy for repeated watchings.

    I like your criteria, though I’ve seen *very* few in the theaters.

  3. Oh, I’m so glad to see your comment about actors and their political statements!! I share that sentiment 200%! Anyway, I remember putting on my best Sunday School dress and going to The Brook in Tulsa when I was about 10 to see The Sound of Music. I loved that movie!

  4. My favorite Oscar wining movie that I saw in a theater has to be “The Lion in Winter” from 1968 with Katharine Hepburn and Peter O’Toole, with young Anthony Hopkins and Timothy Dalton. The dialogue in the film is superb, and the setting magnificent. I watch the DVD at least once a year now.

  5. I love that Sound of Music is showing up on so many lists this week! Dale made me watch Braveheart and I never forgave him for the way they killed the guy’s wife.

  6. I can watch “The Sound of Music” any time, and it never gets old. (My husband would disagree with this, though; he gives a little groan every time I turn it on when it’s on TV.) “Dances with Wolves” is also one of my favorites.

  7. The Sound of Music is my all time favorite movie – hands down – nothing else comes close!

  8. I loved Driving Miss Daisy I think that would have to be my favourite out of this lot of ten. And my favourite 1940’s movie is Little Women .

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