This weeks Thursday Challenge was “TREES” (Saplings, Gnarly Trees, Snow Covered, Bonsai, Dead Tree, Shade Tree,…) .

Not wanting to get out on this blustery day with my camera to take pictures of TREES for the Thursday Challenge, I settled for a picture taken last Mother’s Day on a hike my family went on to gratify my mother’s wish to get out and enjoy nature.   I’m longing for spring.  I’m longing to dig in the earth and plant something, anything.  My high-altitude plants from last summer are currently under several inches of snow and I won’t see signs of spring until Mother’s Day.

2 Comments on “Trees

  1. Great photo! I think it’s wonderful that you live in a climate where you can see and feel the change of the seasons. We get it too but not as distinctly as you do. My son still hasn’t seen snow but hopefully I can make his wish come true this year and take him upto the snow in July.

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