Bauer Tam Preview

I finished the Bauer Tam yesterday.  It is another bright and colorful design so by now you have probably figured out that I like bright and cheery.  I wanted this one to have a ‘stacked’ pancake appearance so I blocked it in a somewhat different way that I will show you.

It is still blocked on a dinner plate.

I put in a simple mosaic design around the brim because I wanted the busier work on top of the tam instead of around the face.

When I blocked it on the dinner plate, I smooched it down to look like stacked pancakes:


Because this is the look I’m going for, a slouchy stacked beret.  I’m on my way down for a photo shoot with my daughter and I’m certain she will inform me if this stacked look is not to her liking.  In fact, if she thinks it is ridiculous, I will be informed.  So, I may come home tonight and re-block the Bauer Tam into a more traditional shape, or then again I may not.

The charts are complete and I’m now writing the pattern.  I hope to have it available on Ravelry (and here on the Mumster’s blog) this coming weekend.

4 Comments on “Bauer Tam Preview

  1. Very cute Rebecca, you are making some lovely designs!
    I had to laugh when you said that if it was ridiculous you would be informed heheh I think my mum would say the same thing 🙂

  2. WOW WOW WOW WOW !!!!!!!!!!!! I SERIOUSLY have to try to knit one of these double decker accordion tams !

    ps it’s me Jen , from “downfromthemountain’ but the URL didn’t automatically come up with my avatar…. oh well. Hi ! xxJen

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