Double Decker Tam Idea Sacked

How embarrassing to have even thought a double-decker-pancake-stack tam would look cute!

Daughter Allison and I met at the Garden of the Gods, a half-way point between our homes.  It was a cold afternoon and my willing model was stoic but wanted to make it as fast as possible.

She put the Bauer Tam on and sweetly asked, “Mom, who told you to block it like this?”  When I told her that I was inventing a new style she said, ‘Um, I think it looks ridiculous.  Can you fix it?”  Didn’t I tell you she would tell me it looked ridiculous if it was not to her liking?  Well, I agreed.  It did look a bit silly on her head!

But, I do like it from the front.

I put a little water on the Bauer Tam and tried to smooth out the shelves.  Allison tried it on again and said she liked it much better and would pose again when it wasn’t quite as cold.

Parting shot of the Kissing Camels………..can you see them?

4 Comments on “Double Decker Tam Idea Sacked

  1. I will admit that the double-decker looked better on the lampshade than on a head. But nice try – who knows, you might have had the next great fashion idea!

  2. It’s a GORGEOUS Tam, however it is blocked. My only curiosity is , did you achieve the double-deckerness entirely by blocking… no special decreases & increases midway????

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