Solutions – Electronic Cable Bag

I spent the weekend with my daughter in Denver and, among our many excursions, we went to The Container Store.  Both of us enjoy organizing and we each were looking for solutions to some organization dilemma.  I keep all of my electronic cords in a cute little Fossil zippered geek bag that travels with me wherever I go.  It sometimes amazes me that I must travel with so many ‘cords’ – short cords, thin cords, earbud cords, small data cords and charger cords for all sorts of devices that I feel I can’t live without!

Despite every attempt of keeping them wound up nice and neat, my Fossil zippered geek bag typically looks like this:

So, with that in mind I went in search to find a solution to my geeky bag and found some multi-purpose Cable Clips.

The clips came in three sizes and I bought the smallest size.

I found that the SMALL size worked best for USB cords, and earbuds…..

I am most excited about keeping these Skull earbuds under control for they are constantly in a tangled mess and require several minutes of untangling almost every time I want to use my Nano.  This will make life so much easier and is a very simple solution to an annoying problem!

But alas, I found that the SMALL size was too small to control the larger power cords (i.e. Nano charger, Droid phone charger etc.) so I will need to get the CableClips in the medium size to round those up.

I added a geeky gadget check-off list to the bag because I have been know to use my powerful methods of wifely persuasion on my husband to overnight a camera charger when I forgot to pack it…………


3 Comments on “Solutions – Electronic Cable Bag

  1. Boy do I need these clips. I never thought of keeping everything in a bag either, great idea! I’ll have to see if I can get them here.

  2. Great idea! I will have to look for those clips. I know cell phone manufacturers are converting to a micro USB standard (one charger fits all)… now if only the same could be said for all of the other gadgets. Not that Apple would ever go along with that.

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