This Month’s Question and Book Giveaway

What is the one small thing that always makes you happy?

My Answer: Daisies

I’ve shared with you, now will YOU please share with ME?

What is the one small thing that always makes YOU happy?

Leave a comment telling me and I will enter your name into my fair isle hat to be drawn one week from today.  The winner will receive a copy of Nancy Bush’s Knitted Lace from Estonia. I found a second copy when organizing my knitting books and would love to give it away.


11 Comments on “This Month’s Question and Book Giveaway

  1. You’d probably guess it, but it’s my daughter! I can be having the worst day in the world, but as soon as I get to her daycare to pick her up and she sees me and breaks into a big smile, I forget all the stress.

  2. Donkey’s!! I don’t know what it is about them but I adore donkey’s. They are just so relaxed with their big ole soft ears. Brings a smile to my face instantly…. if it were my husband talking he’d say I squeal when I see them 🙂 They make me happy!

  3. I have two things that always make me happy. One is hugs from my little boy. I think they have magic in them. The other is that moment when I sit down with my knitting and I go “Aahh”.

  4. Seedlings in the window when February rolls around and all of Indiana seems to have turned brown and gray.

  5. I am going to be very superficial and say chocolate, in any form. That, and Baloo sized hugs from Bruce, they are very healing. Thanks for the fun of getting to read the others.

  6. We have a beautiful huge park called Jells Park near where we live and I love taking the dog there for a walk on an early winters morning when it’s foggy. I love seeing and walking through the fog as it hovers just above the ground and around the trees and shrubs.

  7. I love thinking about all the things that make me happy. It’s an exercise that improves my day!

    One thing that makes me happy is the rare occassion when I can understand what my mother is trying to say. She suffered a stroke, and can no longer speak right. I miss talking to her. Every once in a while she says a sentence that I can understand, and THAT makes me happy. One time she said to me, “You’re amazing.” My heart melted.

  8. Dandelions. Everyone else in the world hates them, but I love them. They are the sparkle in the grass. And I have fond memories of picking dandelion boquets for my mom and t urning my hands yellow.

    But I don’t want to be entered in the contest, I already own that book and its absolutely lovely!

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