March UFO Madness 2011

While many sports fans will be cheering on their favorite teams during March Madness, I will be participating in my own March Madness knitting challenge.  The UFO group on Ravelry is hosting March UFO Madness and I’ve singled out, once again, my Vickie Cardigan.  My personal challenge is ten rows a day which should get me pretty close to finishing all the parts of this cardigan.  The challenge runs from March 1 – March 15th and I meant to mention it earlier this week to you.  It’s not too late to focus on one of your UFO’s for the next couple weeks so follow the link if you are interested.

If my calculations are correct, 10 rows a day should result in a finished BACK.

I’m also working on something GREEN for St. Patrick’s Day.

Not only did I pick green yarn, I picked a pattern filled with cable-goodness because you know what those Irish knitters are known for, right?   Cables.  Lots of twisty enchanting cables! The sock pattern is Eunice (Sock Innovations) and is another of Cookie A.’s brilliant and challenging patterns.  Cookie certainly thinks out of the box!

Speaking of boxes, I am waiting for a very special box coming straight from Scotland.  It will be stamped ‘Royal Mail’ and will contain the Hebridean yarn to make Rosemarkie.  =audible squeal of delight and anticipation=

6 Comments on “March UFO Madness 2011

  1. Rebecca, sorry I missed your question of the
    month. I know you are going to finish the
    last remaining rows of your cardigan and it
    will be gorgeous! And I love your Irish
    socks. Color is gorgeous and the patten looks like fun. Last but not least, I am
    jealous of your new package!! I am definitely planning to order from Virtual Yarns after I finish my Vickie’s Cardigan which will not be for a little while but something to look forward to!

  2. The Vickie is so gorgeous in that color. Keep at it. I have always liked Rosemarkie and will be anxious to see how it comes along. Thanks for mentioning the March Madness. I had not checked that group for a long time but believe I will participate.

  3. The cardigan looks great – it’s good that you’re finishing it. I am very envious of that lovely Hebridean yarn.

    I, too, am working on a UFO, but it’s a sewing project, not a knitted one. It’s been 14 years in the making, so it’s about time to finish it.

  4. I feel I must be the only person who hasn’t knitted a pair of Cookie’s socks. I love the green you chose to make St Pat’s sock what yarn is it? I wound all my Rosemarkie yarns into balls today getting it ready for the 15th.

  5. OMG you are REALLY over the top! The Vickie Cardigan is so lovely. But, I am so jealous you’re going to be casting on the Rosemarkie !!! I am now quite in a quandary as to how I might actally begin myself. I have questions for you…. I will email on Ravelry. ~Jen

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