A Package from Scotland

My long anticipated package from Scotland arrived in today’s postal box and it made it just in the nick of time.  The Rosemarkie KAL begins tomorrow on the Mara Yahoo Group.  The package took over two weeks to get here and Virtual Yarns forewarned those of us living on this side of the Atlantic that security had been tightened on packages and to expect delays.  I didn’t mind because I enjoy stalking the mailbox every day.

Rosemarkie is a pattern  found in THE CELTIC COLLECTIONS by Alice Starmore.  I somehow think that this book is out-of-print but I could be wrong.  If anyone knows please leave a comment.

I couldn’t resist taking an abundance of photographs because, well, you know how I love Hebridean Yarn.   The original yarn used in the book is no longer available so Virtual Yarns put together a kit of similar colors.  They also sent an addendum to the pattern altering it somewhat because of the new yarn weight.

Some of the knitters in the Mara Group will be pulling together their own colors which will be exciting to watch.  But, I love these colors and will have my own fun ‘painting’ with them.

And changing the subject for just one minute, the basket that my Hebridean yarn sits in is a family heirloom.  My father-in-law is 86 years old and he used to gather chicken eggs in this basket and walk to market with his mother to sell the eggs.  She received the basket as a wedding gift from her father so it is almost 100 years old.  Her father made this basket ‘up a hollow’ in Eastern Tennessee.

I forgot the number of eggs is will hold but I do know it is several dozen eggs.  I love how the basket bowls out on either side.

The names of the Hebridean Yarn are taken from the Scottish landscape .  The five colors used in this vest are Sunset, Crotal, Red Deer, Clover and Driftwood.  The design is very simple and suitable for a beginner should you want to give stranded knitting a try!

The Rosemarkie knit-a-long starts tomorrow so I might just stay up until midnight to cast on.  Then again, tomorrow is the last day of the March Madness UFO 2011 and I’m almost finished with my Vickie Cardigan.

Yes!  I’m partially finished with the collar and that is the last remaining part of the sweater to be knit.  I ordered buttons from Abbey Yarns this weekend and they should be here before St. Patrick’s Day because I MUST wear this Irish sweater on St. Patrick’s Day.  Yes.  I must!

6 Comments on “A Package from Scotland

  1. What a beautiful basket and in such great shape for its age. You are soooo close to finishing Vickie, I saw finish her off they you can knit away on Rosiemarkie guilt free!

  2. The basket is beautiful, as is the yarn. I look forward to seeing Rosemarkie come to life and Vickie celebrating St Patrick’s Day.

  3. I love the history behind the basket. The yarn is beautiful. I got my book and I am so excited to knit something from it. Thank You.

  4. Wow! Gorgeous yarn, fabulous basket (and with such a wonderful history), and the cardigan looks awesome. I love that color of green.

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