Ten on Tuesday: Pie

Ten on Tuesday – Ten Favorite Kind of Pies

When I used to visit my grandmother in the sixties I could always count on her having a Papoose Pie waiting for me.  Of all the pies enjoyed in my childhood it was quintessential, the most perfect embodiment of everything that makes a pie ideal.  It was ideal with flaky crust, bananas, creamy filling perfected with blueberry pie filling on top.  Long before the days of Cool Whip, my grandmother’s Papoose Pie was made with ‘Dream Whip’ which was whipped cream made from a powder in a box.  And best of all, it was MY pie because my grandma made it just for me and called it ‘Becky’s Papoose Pie.’  My little brother was decidedly a chocolate pie fan and I remember that distinctly.

In 1967 Cool Whip entered the dessert scene making the housewife’s dessert making skills easier and faster.  Cool Whip, imitation non-dairy whipped cream in a container – yum!  My mother replaced the Dream Whip in my grandmother’s Papoose Pie with Cool Whip.  The Pie was still delicious but somewhere along the transition my mother started calling it ‘Mike’s Pie.’ Mike is my brother’s name.  I claim it was parental favoritism but she denies it.

In the eighties my youngest daughter claimed Papoose Pie as her ‘comfort’ pie of choice and changed the name to an unoriginal name, ‘Blueberry Pie.’  She started begging pleading that I make Blueberry Pie on her birthdays instead of cake.  When she went away to college the first recipe she requested from home was the ‘Blueberry’ Pie recipe.  She began making it for her friends and they, in turn, made it for her on her birthdays.

Well let it be known that this will always be MY pie and I will always call it PAPOOSE PIE.  Enough already!  I’m sure you are waiting with baited breath to find out what my 10 favorite pies are, right?

  1. PAPOOSE PIE (My grandmother’s recipe, soon to be modified using fresh blueberry homemade pie filling)
  2. Blackberry Bramble Pie Apples and blackberries, yummy!  I will share this recipe with you in the future.
  3. Dutch Apple Crumb Pie   The husband enjoys this ala mode and so do I!
  4. French Silk Pie    My husband’s comfort pie and I like it, too!
  5. Lemon Meringue Pie  I love anything lemony but have not been successful making it at 9,035 ft. elevation (sigh).
  6. Lemon Supreme Pie  The combination of the cream cheese and tart lemon is wonderful!
  7. Coconut Cream Pie  Sublime.  I used to make this for my dad in high school but alas, my family never liked coconut.
  8. Banana Cream Pie  ditto
  9. Pumpkin Pie  The only time I get this is at Thanksgiving since there are no pumpkin lovers in this house.
  10. Key Lime Pie  My husband and I had it in Naples, Florida at The Ritz and I’ve never found a recipe that even comes close to it.  Believe me, I think I’ve tried them all!

In honor of my grandmother, Ela Mae Poston.


1 Cool Whip container

1 cup sugar

1 package cream cheese (8 oz)

2-3 ripe bananas

1 can of Blueberry Pie Filling

2 prepared pie crusts

Cream sugar and Cool Whip together until creamy.  Fold in Cool Whip and mix gently.  Line bottom of prepared pie crust with sliced bananas.  Spread with cream cheese mixture on top of bananas and then top with blueberry pie filling.  Chill Well.

3 Comments on “Ten on Tuesday: Pie

  1. You can still get Dream Whip, you know. My mother uses it in her Fruit Salad!! I have found the Pie theme to be quite enlightening.
    ; )

  2. I must agree that Papoose Pie is FABULOUS!! Dad says the Dream Whip makes it taste better, but I dont’ think I’ve ever had it that way….I also like that chocolate cream pie Nana makes. mmmm, mmmm, mmmm, now a visit to TX is in order I think!

  3. I stopped by today for this pie recipe because I’m making it for company tonight. Thank you for sharing it! 🙂

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