Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I’m wearing my newly finished Vickie Sweater today to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.  It’s green,  it’s knit with yarn imported from Ireland and, you can’t deny the Celtic design!



13 Comments on “Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

  1. Beautiful sweater!! And best of all it is finished! I’ll be wearing a green fleece jacket because it is too warm here today to wear my Harrisville wool gansey sweater. But during my quilt guild meeting this morning and my coffee group this afternoon I will be knitting my green socks that were supposed to be completed by today.

  2. It looks wonderful! Congratulations on finally finishing it.

    I must confess that I completely forgot it was St. Paddy’s Day when I got dressed this morning, but I did make sure to dress Rainbow in a green shirt!

  3. I don’t know but you did a great job. Beautiful sweater! Now I have to go dig in the closet to see what green I have to wear. Happy St. Pat’s Day!

  4. Well, Lassie, you are just the perfect symbol for the day, and you look great ! Beautiful !!

  5. It looks fabulous.
    So proud of you for finishing it up for St Patrick’s Day. Enjoy

  6. lol you need a remote!! They are only 20 bucks, well worth the investment!
    Your sweater looks great!

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