UFO Thursday Reinstated

After experiencing the joy and benefits of finishing Vickie, a sweater that had languished for many years in a basket, I have been inspired to dig around and see what other UFOs I had lingering.  I was surprised to see how far I had progressed on Sirdal so it will be tackled next.  As of today I am reinstating UFO Thursday in my life.  This is the day that I will focus solely on UFOs and before I know it, I will have another sweater to wear this spring.  Spring seems to linger here in the mountains so I should get some good use out of this sweater if I finish it this month.

I started Sirdal when the Winter Olympics began in January 2010 so she is a little over a year in progress.  I haven’t picked her up in a LONG time which definitely qualifies her as an official UFO!  She is a Dale of Noway pattern knit with Heilo, a sportweight yarn.

Today I will be working on the front neck opening.

This is the pattern picture that inspires me to keep going.  I thought long and hard about adding the braid and decided not to add it.  I do have the Sirdal buttons though!

Knit on!

7 Comments on “UFO Thursday Reinstated

  1. Wow, another gorgeous sweater. I am sure you can wrap this up and keep on with Rosemarkie. I can see the end in sight on Nova Scotia, almost 2 years on the needles.

  2. I remember this one but I always thought it was a pullover. I thought the reason UFO thursday was gone was because you didn’t have any ufo’s left heheh

  3. Sirdal looks gorgeous & I would love to knit one too but I don’t think I can – it just look too complicated.

  4. Hey, that is one *smart* sweater ! It is going to be *so* fun to finish up. You Go Girl !

  5. I can verify that it’s a really old UFO because I don’t remember it! It really is lovely, though. I hope you’re able to finish it up relatively quickly so you can wear it before it gets too warm.

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