Westies on the Mind

All I can think about these days is a particular West Highland Terrier litter born to Trystan and Ophelia on February 18th.

Two Weeks Old

I am as giddy as a woman who has just found out she is going to have a baby!  My husband is just as excited as I am (I knew he would be) and we have been brainstorming Scottish names and reading up on Westies.

We initially wanted a male Westie and my husband had set his heart on the name ‘Malcolm.’  Then, late last night we decided we wanted a female instead.  I’ve always had girl dogs and he has always had boy dogs and he carried that notion into our marriage with our own dogs.  I thought it might be good to go a different route this time but now we seem to have a problem.  The hubby wants to call her ‘Lady Malcolm’……………..hmmmmm…………I’m not too sure about that.  It doesn’t help his case that my daughter thinks it sounds like a serial killer and my mother thinks her name will be shortened to ‘Lady.’

Our Westie will be ready to meet her new family in three weeks and we will be driving to Denver to get her.  Can you help us think of some Scottish female names?  Please?

14 Comments on “Westies on the Mind

  1. I’m not positive, but I think the Gaelic name for Sarah is “Sorcha”. My girlfriend calls herself that, (though it’s not her name), and she is half Scots. I love it.

  2. I have a Scots boyfriend who calls me Fionna, supposedly the Scots Gaelic version of Jennifer is Fionnabhair.

    I am so happy for you … what a great friend your little puppy is going to be !

  3. I’m glad you are getting a female……..so adorable. Have fun figuring out a name!

  4. Oh, I am excited for you! I remember when I was waiting for Sofee. She was born while we were on vacation in Canada, and the breeder sent us newborn photos. So exciting. I actually visited her once, before I could actually bring her home. She had to stay with her momma till she was 12 weeks old, and I was allowed to visit at 7 weeks I think it was. It was quite a drive, but worth every mile.

    Stock up on your sleep. LOL….. Just another baby you know!

  5. My nephew named his new son James Duncan. A sturdy Scottish name. They will call him Duncan. All I can think of is Donuts and coffee…

  6. Iknow exactly how you feel, we went through the same thing with our puppies. A few suggestions – Addie, Skye, Kenzie, Lennox and Fiona. These are a few we liked, being a “Southern Westie” ours have 2 names – a challenge – good luck with your wait!!!

  7. That’s great news that you are getting a puppy. How about Ailsa?

    I looked it up and it’s from Ailsa Craig, a rocky islet in the Scottish Firth of Clyde. Also a Scottish variant of Else.

  8. This is so exciting as I always love puppies. This is the breed that my girls have been asking for but I have been resisting.

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