UFO Thursday, Sirdal Neck Opening Finished

I woke up this morning to a couple inches of unexpected spring snow and breathed a great sigh of relief.  The area of Colorado that I live in has been in an ‘Extreme Fire Warning Alert’ for the last month which makes us extremely nervous.  We have not been this dry since 1911………………..

This is the grass in my front yard and you can see how dry it is.  One lightening strike, one spark, one match will send it blazing into a fire.   Normally, our biggest snowfall arrives in March and April but not this year so last night’s snowfall was a one we welcomed.

But alas, you have not come to my blog to hear about the weather in Colorado have you?  What you really want to hear about is knitting and, to be more precise, to hear about the progress I’ve made on my UFO Sirdal Sweater!  Right?

Last UFO Thursday my goal was to finish the front neck opening on Sirdal.  I thought I could finish it in a day but I made an unpleasant discovery.  Color stranded patterns are much easier to work in the round, instead of back-and-forth flat which is what this Dale of Norway pattern instructed me to do when I got to the neck decreases.  Let me repeat , color-stranded patterns are MUCH EASIER to work in the round instead of back-and-forth flat!

Instead of using plain common sense to bridge those openings with a steak, I laboriously followed the pattern and plodded along purling those wrong side rows.  And, instead of working comfortably with a color in each hand I had to ‘throw’ each and every stitch with my right hand because I’ve never learned to work a Continental purl.  ARG!  I don’t need to tell you that those wrong-side rows took almost an hour but I will.  I don’t need to tell you that I should have know better but I will.  It is MUCH EASIER to work stranded when the front side of the fabric faces you and you can easily watch your pattern.  But, I persevered and the front opening is done.

Writing about the neck opening has been a painful experience (just kidding) so I much prefer to show you a photo of my Sirdal buttons instead of showing you one of the unsightly neck opening.  I have eight larger buttons for the button band and four smaller ones for the placket cuff on the sleeve.  Very Norwegian, don’t you think?

On this UFO Thursday I will be moving on to the back neck.  I will have seven rows to knit.  Since steeking is no longer an option at this late date I plan to knit in reverse instead of turning the work and purling.  I’ve read about this somewhere so I’ll need to peruse some of my knitting resources before starting.

Do you know where your UFO’s are?  How about joining me today and working on one?

4 Comments on “UFO Thursday, Sirdal Neck Opening Finished

  1. Lovely! I have tried and tried to purl Continental and my tension changes so drastically it just doesn’t work. I’m to the ruffle on my Citron and I’m beading for the first time. So that is helping me stay monogamous to this project, for a change. 🙂

  2. I am very happy to see you received some
    snow to help ease the dry conditions! That
    can be a very scary situation. And your
    sweater is gorgeous!


  3. I can only begin to imagine how long those WS rows must take. I’ve never even thought about doing colorwork back and forth let alone tried it. As far as I’m concerned, that’s why steeks were created!

  4. It’s worth all that effort to finish your gorgeous UFO. I have a pair of socks that have been sitting in my basket for so long but I can’t seem to want to pick it up.

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