Oh My! Which Westie?

Oh my, this is going to be a very hard decision.  Which Westie to pick?  Fortunately, there is another family adopting a girl in the slot before me so it will be narrowed down to choose between TWO girls instead of THREE.  Are they not all simply adorable?

Ophelia and Trystan’s puppies are six weeks old and their photos were taken this week by the breeder so the future parents could see how very difficult their decision will be.  My husband and I will be driving to Denver in two weeks to make our selection.  I’m SO EXCITED!

Girl 1

Girl 2

Girl 3

So which little girl would YOU take home with you?


20 Comments on “Oh My! Which Westie?

  1. I’m with Karen – if there are only two left when you are there – take them both LOL!!!

  2. Oh I think I’d pick 2. There’s a glimmer in her eye and tht little pink tongue is adorable. Of course when we picked out our lab from his liter, we choose the black boy who peed on me when I held him. I figured he was marking me as his mommy. And it turned out to be the best decision ever! Our rescue dog, sat on me as soon as he walked into the room, I was sitting on a little dog bed. I figured that too was him choosing me.

  3. By the photos, I’d pick #2….just some little glitter in those eyes. Hopefully you’ll be able to see them in person/action before you make up your mind? I know when we went to see Sofee, her little personality was already formed – she was the bossy one! LOL – we were forewarned! But she also came right to me, and gave me kisses and lovins, so all was good. 🙂 Good luck – I’m thrilled and excited for you all!

  4. I think you should wait to see how they react to you before you decide. She will pick you 🙂

  5. Oh gosh! They are all adorable but number one is really tugging at my heartstrings!

  6. They are all cute! I am sure you’ll know which one is the right as soon as you see them in person! And it might really be as others discribe that it will be her who chooses you! Have fun!

  7. When you meet the puppies, one of them will choose YOU. Enjoy!

  8. I would love to have a Westie one of these days. It will probably be when the kids are a little older. I think I would pick 1 or 2. They are all super cute though. I think it would be very hard to pick.

  9. How about all three 🙂 Seriously though I agree with Janet that most likely the puppy will choose you.

  10. They are all so cute. Daughter #2 & I choose puppy #1 as she has a cute & round face.

  11. I agree with Katie! I was just about to write exactly the same thing. Girls 1 and 3 would be sweet knitting companions. Girl 2 is nothin’ but trouble! She would sooooooooo grab that ball of yarn and run with it – knitting attached. She has mischief written all over her.
    Lovely puppies!

  12. Yup, she’ll pick you! They are all very cute! I’d take the mischief maker in the middle though…

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