Westie nesting?  Nah.

A friend on Ravelry asked me if I had already knit my future Westie pup a sweater.  Yes, I have knit her a sweater but I don’t think I’m nesting.

Her collar has arrived, her name has been selected (thank you for your help!) and her tag made but that doesn’t mean I’m  nesting.

After guessing at a sweater size and knitting that size, I’ve surmised that this will not fit her until she is full grown.  The breeder says that Kenzie has never experienced a temperature cooler than 72 degrees and she may shiver.  We keep our house fairly cool so I guess I better knit her another sweater in a smaller size but, that doesn’t mean I’m nesting.

I may have bought a deck of Westie playing cards…..

and a Westie fingernail file……..but that doesn’t mean I’m nesting.

My daughter and her friend have told me that I am nesting.  I don’t think so.  But I really, really want to knit this dog blanket for Kenzie’s homecoming for after all, it has little Westies on it!

How can I resist knitting such an adorable blanket?

I think I am nesting.


11 Comments on “Nesting?

  1. Rebecca, Iam so happy for your new puppy!
    And yes, I think you are nesting and that is
    “a good thing” as Martha would say. I absolutely love the collar, sweater and the
    blanket is just about the most adorable blanket I have ever seen!! Yeah and new baby coming soon!!!

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