Just as Cookie A. describes in Sock Innovations, Eunice has ‘cables, lace, jogs and an interesting pattern to transition to a slipped-stitch heel.’

The short cuff is perfect for the chilly spring weather we are having in the mountains.  The Dream in Color Smooshy is just that, smoothy.    I always enjoy knitting with Smooshy yarn and the color, Happy Apple, brings a smile to my face and makes me happy indeed.

What more can I say about this sweet little sock?

I can tell you that I worked hard to get this sock off the needles before a certain little pup arrives in our home.  This sock pattern is not for the faint-hearted.  It requires much attention to the pattern and, might I suggest, a non-suspensful movie…..maybe even a movie you have memorized.  I know.  I messed up on the instep stitches by misreading the pattern.  Now my Eunice socks are ribbed for a couple inches down to the toe instead of having another cable repeat, kind of cute but definitely not an intended design element of Eunice.

Hear me once, hear me twice and read the pattern THRICE!

7 Comments on “Eunice

  1. Wow they look super! Thanks for sharing the yarn info it’s a beautiful green. Hmmm the pattern sounds very challenging don’t know if I am up for it but I do love them very much.

  2. Nicely done — I just love that color green! Your “design feature” might make these a little more comfortable in shoes, so perhaps your subconscious was at work when you made your oops.

  3. Very lovely! The only Cookie A socks I’ve made have been the monkey socks, which were easy. I think I need a little more sock practice before I move on to one of her complicated patterns.

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