Westie Homecoming

I was going to wait until Wednesday, Westie Wednesday, to post about our new pup but I am wildly smitten and can’t wait to tell you all about her!  What a little personality she has.  The minute she lavished my face with kisses I knew she was mine!

I was truly smitten when I put her sweater on and she didn’t seem to mind.  She will be wearing lots of these so I thought I would initiate her immediately to the whole ‘sweater’ concept.  It is snowing right now and it is keeping her nice and warm.

Kenzie loves all her new toys, especially her Kong puppy balls.  She has quickly learned to fetch them and bring them back to me, most likely because of my ridiculously enthusiastic applause.  Her energy level is through the roof but she balances all that energy out by taking short naps.

She likes to chase her tail and it inevitable ends with a somersault which amuses me to no end.

Kenzie is extremely (EXTREMELY) curious about everything in her new environment.  She watches my every move and won’t let me out of her sight.  When I started taking pictures of her she came right up to the camera to give it a good sniff.

Her breeder has worked hard to get the very dark Westie nose and the classic grey-tipped ears.  We didn’t realize that she was coming from Nebraska until all the paperwork started arriving in the mail.  No wonder she is tuckered out!  She has had a lot of excitement in the past two days.

And I know she is going to find that mouse!  She seems especially drawn to this cabinet and keeps sniffing……..

18 Comments on “Westie Homecoming

  1. She is so precious!! I have puppy fever really bad right now and this is not helping not one iota. 🙂 Congratulations on your new baby!

  2. And How ADORABLE is she!!!!!! OMG! And I bet she has that wonderful new puppy smell…just something about little puppies they smell so adorable! Enjoy your new baby!

  3. Well, I guess if you had to get just ONE puppy, you had to get the most perfect one!
    ADORABLE and stylish :^)

  4. oh, cutest thing Ever! I wonder how my two GSD’s would feel if we added a little bit of this to our household?

  5. Hello Kenzie ! I can’t wait to see lots of pictures of you and mom hanging out togehter. Lucky Pup ! YOu don’t know how kind providence has been to land you there in that house with that knitter and that family !

  6. Kenzie, this is Emma , Jen is my human… I’m in the photo there with her. I just wanted to send my best. Woof ! Get that mouse. I caught a squirrel the other day, I kid you not. And, I got to chase a real coyote two weeks ago. ~Emma

  7. Kenzie,
    You are too adorable for words. It is a good thing you aren’t able to read I am sure Rebecca doesn’t want you to have too much of an ego.

  8. Oh my goodness, she is so precious, especially in her sweater! I hope you are enjoying each other!

  9. Nothing better than that new puppy “smell”. . .really puppies smell like babies smell — so sweet. Congrats!

  10. Welcome Kenzie!! I know one mama that is
    just about the happiest new mom around!!
    Enjoy that sweet, adorable, cute, steal your
    heart puppy Rebecca!

  11. I don’t care for dogs but I adore puppies! I love Kenzie’s inquisitive face and there is nothing more amusing to me the a tail-chasing-induced somersault!

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