Getting Acquainted

What a busy week I have had getting acquainted with Kenzie and she with us!  She is full of personality and is a feisty little thing!  She’s had many adventures and is not the least bit intimidated, more about that in a minute.

Several of you have asked which of the three puppies we ended up with.  The one we chose was Puppy #2, the one with her tongue sticking out of her mouth.  We have discovered that she often does this when she is sleeping or sleepy and it is just too sweet……

I welcome these naps!  They usually come after one of her ‘wild’ moments of tearing through the house like a mad animal.  Case in point, last night I was sitting on the floor knitting when she grabbed my sock project bag and tore across the room with it and up the stairs unwinding the ball within and dragging both sock and needles through the house.  She knew I would chase her.  It’s hard not to laugh when this happens.

She also likes to tunnel under things and I know this stems from her Scottish heritage of chasing rodents and other critters down their holes.  I believe there is a Westie agility competition for this tunneling capability.  She has a way of flattening her body out and pulling along her belly.  It is really cute.

She likes sitting with me in my knitting/reading chair.

She chews on everything and loves Bear, Chip and Gator the most.  She also loves to nibble on fingers which isn’t too great.  We are trying to break her of that habit.

Her curiosity is insatiable.  She has climbed into the dishwasher in an attempt to lick the dinner plates.  She has climbed into my turnaround cabinet and snatched a tea bag to chew on.  She has climbed up on a pile of towels and leaped into the bathtub I was soaking in.  Believe it or not, that last adventure was her favorite and I now have to ‘sneak’ into the bathroom to take a bath!

Kenzie loves the outdoors and all the mountain critters she is meeting.  She watches the birds every morning at the feeder.  We walk the perimeter of the house unleashed several times a day as she does her potty business but she is getting braver in her explorations…..the leash will be coming shortly.  She chased a squirrel yesterday and sent me running madly after her like a fool.  We did manage to walk a mile around our circle today and she kept up quite well.  In fact, she probably has more stamina than I do.

I think I can say that she has all the characteristics of a terrier – feisty little bugger! There is a lot of personality packed into her sturdy little frame.  I’m just waiting for that day when she becomes chief mouse catcher in our mountain home….I know it is coming!

11 Comments on “Getting Acquainted

  1. Goodness she is cute! Our German Shepherd still sticks his tongue out when he is sound asleep and he is 10!

  2. Oh my how adorable is your puppy! I have to say I had a giggle about all the things she has been getting up to. I know of a cat that likes to jump in water too in the bathtub.

  3. *swoon* that little face is so cute!
    At 100 pounds Boston STILL sleeps with his tongue out sometimes or when he’s really relaxed. I can’t wait to see more of Kenzie’s adventures!

  4. Rebecca, she is just precious! I was at a festival today and saw a Westie come in with his owner. I thought of Kenzie immediately. Please keep those darling pictures coming. 🙂

  5. Kenzie is adorable. Those wild moments….? we call them white tornados LOL!!! Lackie and Daisy do this all the time when they come in from outside — they stop just as quickly as they start….hilarious to watch!

  6. Oh my gosh – she is SO adorable! So cute, and you can see from her eyes how full of mischief she is.

  7. What an adventure! Sounds like that little pup will keep you as busy as mom with a toddler. LOL Agility work might be just the thing to keep her busy.

  8. What a cutie! I laughed about her trying to climb into the dishwasher but also when she jumped in the tub with you.

    I am sooo very happy for you to have such an adorable Westie!

  9. I don’t know if you can hear it, but I am making some very high-pitched sounds over how cute she is! I hope you will keep posting pictures so I can get my puppy fix!

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