What a Day, what a day….Westie Wednesday

What a day I’m having! When my husband opened the door to the garage this morning he discovered trash all over the garage and the garage door open. Someone (me) had forgot to put the door down when she pulled into the garage last night. How did we know it was a bear? Our huge, industrial strength trash can had been dragged out onto the driveway and emptied with great big claw punctures in the lid. I was grateful that the bear had stopped in the garage and not nudged the house door with its nose!

Today is Westie Wednesday and I have Westie adventures to tell you about and cute, sweet adorable puppy pictures to show you.

Kenzie is three and a half months old and is full of spunk and adventure!  She has enriched our lives for the better but has put a serious dent in my knitting production.  All the RED projects I had planned to knit in May for Project Spectrum are unfinished and a new GREEN month has begun.  Kenzie keeps me very busy.

These sweet eyes are not imploring me to sit down and cuddle.  No they are not.  These are the eyes of a very inquisitive doggie who is waiting for me to get distracted with something so that she can go get into mischief.  Mischievous, that is what she is.  And, spunky.

Only moments ago, when I was distracted in the storage room looking for a cookbook, she ran out of the area at top speed which almost always indicates that there is something in her mouth that shouldn’t be there.  When I went to investigate she picked up more speed and went into ‘white tornado’ mode.  I ended up chasing her all over the house until she accidentally dropped her treasure and I threw a book on it.  What did she have in her mouth you ask?  Well, I caught a glimpse of a tail and I had my suspicions.  Kenzie had found a flat, dehydrated field mouse in the storage room.  When I told my husband about it he only chuckled and reminded me that I had wanted a Westie because they are known to be great rodent catchers.

Getting myself put together every morning can sometimes be a chore if Kenzie is in the bathroom.  I’ve put together a picture collage to give you an idea of what it is like to be in the same room with her, if only for ten minutes.

Checking out the shower after I got out.

Dragging the towels and rugs across the floor while I was in the shower.

Checking out the drawer that has the hair dryer in it.

Are those razors in the bathtub?

9 Comments on “What a Day, what a day….Westie Wednesday

  1. Bless her little puppy heart!! lol She is sooo cute!

    My sister had a friend who lived on the other side of the mountains from you. This friend kept a fridge in the garage to hold the ‘extras’ she needed such as butter found on sale so she’d have plenty when she made her famous cinnamon rolls. One of her kids left the garage door up just as you did. They came out to butter smeared allllllllllll over the garage and driveway! Talk about a mess! lol They were hopeful that the bear or bears was long gone when the butter ‘passed thru’. lol

  2. Yup, that’s a Westie for you! LOL I am so happy for you! Kenzie is adorable – LOVE those ears!

  3. She may be a handful, but boy is she ever cute! I could look at pictures of her all day!

  4. Yikes! I’m glad there wasn’t any more bear damage than the garbage container.

    Kenzie is adorable – and certainly living up to her terrier genetics.

  5. Good job Kenzie, rooting out mousies and keeping Mum on her toes!

  6. Raising a puppy is certainly a full-time job. She is so cute, though, I’m sure it is a laugh a minute. Except…mouse, ugh!

  7. Oh yes… the little dead things our doggies find treasures. I have lost count ! Your little Kenzie is very dynamic little girl ! You will find yourself looking in the mirror at a much younger spirited (and looking) woman because of Little Kenzie’s energy, I promise you .

    ps. I have found Emma chewing on a discarded twin-blade razor cartridge begotten from the bathroom wastebasket ~ and that was my lesson ! She was unharmed,uncut, but after that I learned about the covered kind of
    trash cans.

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