Camp Loopy

I’m going to summer camp.  Are you?  The Loopy Ewe is hosting a camp all summer and it sounds like lots of fun.  I think it will help me with my knitting mojo, I know Wendy’s Mystery Shawlette has helped!  It looks like there will be three camp projects.  You can use your own stash or purchase your project yarn at The Loopy Ewe.  If you do the latter, Sheri is doubling your frequent shopper points (providing you finish the project on time and post a picture).  Here are the details.

 First up is a two-color shawl, something I’ve never attempted.  I’m looking forward to it.  I’ve ordered my yarn and I’ve narrowed down my pattern choices to Daybreak or Whippoorwill.  Which one do you like best?  It is a difficult choice for me because I really like both patterns.

Meanwhile, Project Spectrum continues and June’s color is GREEN.  I’m working on some plain green ‘Pepper’ socks for the husband and a green Jane.  I also have some Knitpicks Imagination yarn in ‘Frog Prince’ that I want to do something with.

Has your yarn challenged you this summer to knit something special?  Do you gravitate towards lace and socks in the summertime like I do?

5 Comments on “Camp Loopy

  1. ohh both those patterns are great, I say both 🙂 Not much help am I!
    I’m all about knitting summer tops right now, hope to get a few done this summer.

  2. As a matter of fact, I was about to flag you down and once again, ask your advice I am attempting my first pair of socks. Well, not even really socks, but KILT HOSE for a Scottish friend. I think I have the pattern, but before I go buy yarn, I wanted to ask you , the Sock Specialist, what would be a good brand, for long wearing heirloom Kilt Hose. Any ideas?

  3. Thanks for stopping by…just getting back into the swing after a wedding in progress for 1 months!!! Your new little girl is precious, what aface!! Can I interject about the kilt hose? Having mad eDH wedding kilt hose and way back then splurging on using Daletta, LOL, my how yarn times have changed…I would suggest anything that has some nylon in it. The wear his hose seem to go through is different than regular socks. I made my son’s argyle wedding socks from Cascade fixation which has some elastic also, and while the texture is not my choice for kilt hose the fiber would be another possibilty. But I know 100% hand wash only yarn will not be used for future kilt hose projects.
    Back to wedding, my DIL has always been part of the family and the joy on their faces that day when they made it official was amazing. DS2 has met a gril that I think I have three years to plan again :)My jacket was a lace jacket I knit and the bride wore her shrug I k nit to the rehearsel dinner. Take care, looking forward to getting back on track…

  4. Thanks Cheryl and Rebecca for the advice about yarn for Kilt Hose. I will have a look about, but I’ve just now been asked by the Kilt Hose recipient, if I might not spin the yarn myself. Uh oh… since the hose will be kept up with proper garters, perhaps I don’t need to worry so much about elasticity, and go with my usual wool and maybe purchase roving of a blend. But regardless of the home-spun kilt hose I may start a practice pair of kilt hose, ,(perhaps a warm weather pair)using the very yarn brands you suggest. A big thank you !!!

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