I knew this day would eventually arrive………


And so busted!

12 Comments on “Busted

  1. but so cute! Can’t be mad at anything that is that adorable.

    Print the pic out and add it to your knitting bag…..she’ll make you smile whenever you look at it :^)


  2. Aha – brings back memories of Lackie and Daisy doing the same thing LOL!!! How can you be annoyed at such a little cutie pie – but I would make sure that the good yarn and needles are tucked away safe LOL!

  3. But she’s so cute! I think puppies are like babies: They can make a real mess, but they’re so adorable that can’t hate them for it!

  4. I have to admit, that is the cutest dog and cutest ball of yarn I’ve *ever* seen.

    Busted….. not !

  5. My guess is it is hard to get mad at such an adorable little puppy girl! lol

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