First Campfire Project

My yarn arrived today for my first campfire project at Camp Loopy.  As expected, the Madelinetosh Light Merino colors are stunning and my choices are named Ginger and Terra.  I like how they complement each other and think they will do well for the two color shawl I have chosen as my first camp project, Whippoorwill.

It took a while to decide on a pattern and even longer to choose the colors.

I had originally planned to knit the main body section GINGER (golden yellow) with the accent trim being TERRA but now I am having second thoughts.  After bouncing back and forth between the two choices I’ve decided to ask my wise blogging buddies.

What do you think?

GINGER shawl with TERRA  trim?


TERRA shawl with GINGER trim?

Decisions, decisions…….this is why I generally copy what others have already knit up so I can ‘visualize’ it!


9 Comments on “First Campfire Project

  1. Great choice of colours I think either way will look great! Can’t wait to see it finished. I too have this pattern in my queue.

  2. Gorgeous colors! I’d go for Ginger with the Terra trim. I think I like it best with the darker color on the edge.

  3. I love your choice of colors!! I have to agree with the Karen and Cheryl.

  4. It’d be beautiful either way, but I’d probably go for the lighter body and darker trim. That said, which color matches your wardrobe more? I’d use that one for the main part of the shawl and the other for the trim.

  5. Honestly, I saw only one color when I looked at your photo of the yarn. Sure, I see two colors now that I have looked again. Maybe there’s not enough contrast? Or maybe it is just the photo that makes the colors look so similar. Pretty colors, though. They will make a lovely shawl, but it might not have the arresting stripes that the pattern pic does.

  6. I’d go with the darker for the contrast stripes. I actually like it better with the low-contrast color choices you made. The startling stripes of the original don’t do much for me. That’s a great pattern by the way, yet another one for my ever growing queue.

  7. Great choice of pattern & yarn – I would suggest ginger shawl with terra trim.

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