Palmer Lake Reservoirs Hike

Daughter Allison and I set out yesterday morning to explore the Palmer Lake Reservoirs with the two K-dogs, Kappy and Kenzie.  The day was perfect for hiking with brilliant blue Colorado skies and temperatures in the low seventies.  Kenzie was excited, it was her first official ‘hike’ and she was with her buddy, Kappy.

Kenzie and Kappy

The two Palmer Lake Reservoirs and the area trails have a rich history dating to the last decades of the nineteenth century.  The road to the reservoirs provided us with a steep, invigorating start to hiking the area.  The steepness didn’t stop one little puppy from charging ahead and trotting alongside her doggy friend.  I ended up letting the trailblazer, Allison, take both K-dogs so that I wasn’t ‘pulled’ up the trail. Steep.  Remember?  The elevation gain was almost 1000 feet the first half mile.

The wildflowers were brilliant and plentiful alongside the trail.  It never ceases to amaze me, that in years of drought, they still make their appearance despite the lack of moisture.  Someone once told me that they are at their best in drought years and, after today’s hike, I believe they are correct!

Mountain Harebells and Shooting Stars

After the half-mile elevation gain we spotted the first of two reservoirs.

The Lower Reservoir

Kappy enjoyed a refreshing dip in the lower reservoir and then we continued hiking to the second and much larger reservoir.  We decided this would be a great spot for picnicking since it was lunchtime.   We scrambled onto a big rock overlooking the reservoir and enjoyed a chicken salad sandwich.  Peace, tranquility, wonderful company with a daughter, great dogs………….and a beaver.

When Allison first saw it she thought, ‘Crocodile!’  Her second thought was,  ‘Wait a minute, crocodile?  In Colorado?’

Lovely daughter on picnicking rock.

The Mum and her wee lass.

Kappy enjoying the COLD water.

After lunch we ventured a little further around the reservoir and let the dogs do some serious romping in the water.  Kappy had already gone in at the first reservoir and Kenzie only observed with curiosity.  At the second reservoir she overcame her timidity when she saw how much fun Kappy was having.  She didn’t go out over her head though and I have no pictures to show you because I was busy holding her leash and making sure she didn’t get in over her head!

Columbine, Colorado State Flower

We never found the trail that would have, with some scrambling, reached a spectacular summit overlooking the valley. We did see some beautiful Columbine in an aspen grove on a trail that we suspected might be the one we were looking for.  Since it wasn’t clearly marked and the Mum and her lass were exhausted, we turned around and headed back down.  However, visiting the reservoirs alone provided excellent views in a peaceful valley and water setting.

 Hiking in and of itself is one of my favorite things to do.  Hiking with little Kenzie takes it several notches above fun!  Three hours of hiking, not bad for a four month Scottish lass!

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