Camp Loopy Cladonia Progress

I’ve changed my mind since I last posted about Camp Loopy.  No plan change on attending Camp Loopy but a pattern change on the first camp project.  I had originally planned on knitting Whippoorwill with my two skeins of Madelinetosh but had several false starts.  For some reason, the pattern just wasn’t making sense to me.  I’m not sure if it was the heat (I was visiting family in Texas) or just major brain freeze but I finally gave up and picked another pattern.

After looking at several lovely patterns I ended up choosing Kirsten Kapur’s CLADONIA.  It is really different from anything I’ve ever knit and I’m thankful that Camp Loopy is forcing me a little out of my comfort zone.  Isn’t that what going to camp is all about?  Trying new things?  Outside of camp, I never would have chosen a two-color shawl and I certainly wouldn’t have opted for one with stripes!

I have been pleasantly surprised and, I even think I like this shawl!

There are only two weeks left to finish this shawl and I’ve heard that the picot bind off takes a lot of time.  I have eight rows left of the lace border, 6 rows left of edging and then a looped picot bind off.  I’m looking forward to learning this new bind off.

The Summer Mystery Shawlette ( by Wendy Johnson) has been blocked and delivered to my sweet little friend.  Being a great lover of anything pink, she was elated.  And I, never having opportunity to knit anything ‘pink’, enjoyed knitting this shawl for her.   She had just come home from an etiquette class where she learned how to organize a purse and how to stand tall with great posture.  I think she is standing pretty tall here!

3 Comments on “Camp Loopy Cladonia Progress

  1. Oh I think the two shades stripey like that look *so summer* ! Your little friend is at that moment, the prettiest and luckiest girl in the world at once !

    Talk about comfort zones, and camping and being pushed out…. I tell you, my kilt hose project is harder than settingup a tent or hanging a bear bag, or any of that. Well, not really. I’m not very convincing am I ? 😉 I LOVE YOUR SHAWLS !!!! On with the Camping !

  2. Hi Rebecca,

    Love your Mystery Shawlette from Wendy. Pink and Red are my favorite colors. I knit two of the same pattern but still haven’t taken photos! Your Camp Loopy shawl is also nice.

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