The Crags Trail

The husband and I took The Wee Lass on a 5.5 mile hike to The Crags, a simple hike with great rewards.  This easy-moderate hike has been a favorite of ours for many years and we knew little Kenzie, with her Scottish roots, would enjoy scrambling on the rocks – and she did.  We were not disappointed and neither was she.

We hiked through the Four Mile Creek valley with its lush meadows, rocky spires, aspen and pine forests. We ended up atop a rocky outcrop with gnarled old limber pines and great views.


And now my friends,  to you I present Kenzie, the West Highland Terrier who likes to climb rocks…….

If Kenzie had to choose between following the trail with us or climbing a rock alongside the trail, I can assure you – the rock won every time.  We took the low road and she inevitably took the high road  rock.  It was a ‘rock scrambling’ kind of day in the Rocky Mountains for four-footed white doggies.  And the rest of us?  Well, lets just say we had a few good chuckles watching her.

A perfect day enjoying God’s majestic mountains!

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