Two knitting deadlines lurk in the shadows but my progress is steady and is just that, progress.  I’m knitting Steffi van der Linden’s Mystery Sock in the Sock Knitters Anonymous group on Ravelry that I sometimes participate in.  The Mystery Socks are knit throughout the month as the clues are released.  The second deadline is only nine days away, the Camp Loopy Cladonia Shawl.  I need to have a finished picture posted on the Loopy site by July 15th.

Steffi’s Mystery Sock named Zirkel and is a stranded pattern using two contrasting colors that work well together.  I’ve always liked turquoise and red together.  There is something about that color combination that takes me think about the time around World War Two.

I used to have a sewing business making custom liners for Longaberger baskets.  One of my customers sent me her mother’s curtains from the 1940’s and asked me to make several basket liners with it.  She then gifted the baskets people who had been close to her mother and who would have remembered her kitchen.  Quite nostalgic.  The fabric was similar to the pattern on this coffee cup.  It gave me great joy to make those liners for that customer and I’ve often thought about the sentimentality she had towards her deceased mother.

I am learning that the amount of JOY that I feel is proportionate to the amount of THANKFULNESS I have in my life. Thankfulness for everything, no matter how small it may seem.   I’ve started a journal that lists all these small joys and I try to look for them every day.

CLUE ONE finished and waiting for the second clue.

6 Comments on “Progress

  1. ohhhh you had to mention Van der Linden, and SKA didn’t you….. must not run to the stash and find suitable colours…. must knit current WIPs….. *bites nails*

  2. Very pretty socks. I am also trying to remember to be thankful. I have so much compared to others and I really have no reason to complain about anything.

  3. That’s a lovely memento, what a fabulous idea.

    I’m pretty enamoured of blues and reds lately myself – and then I realized my new glasses are those colors!

    Cute socks. Love the intricate cuff.

  4. Rebecca , that seems to be the most creative and touching idea about the basket liners made from the friend’s kitchen curtains ! I never thought about red and teal, but you make it look so natural together. I suppose similarly would be forest green and pink. 😉 What a joy to read your blog, as always, so I am Thankful for your blog .

  5. Lovely post,made me smile….another kindness…. 🙂 Hope you are welland procedure was tolerable…

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