Camp Loopy Finish Line

Do you have fond memories of sitting around campfires?   I have a campfire memory that still makes me chuckle whenever I think of it.  Many years ago we were camping with another family and at dusk the two dads started gathering up wood for our evening campfire.  After much deliberation they agreed upon the ‘right’ way to build a proper campfire.  If I recall correctly, one dad had been an Eagle Scout as a boy and had some pretty definite opinions.  The fire was built, the marshmallows roasted and then the firewood began to run low. Everyone was beginning to think about snuggling down into their sleeping bags for the night, except the two dads.  Both dads scurried into the woods, one with his huge Buck knife and the other with a hatchet, in search of more timber.  One returned with a log three feet long and the other with a log five feet long.  The wives looked at each other and rolled their eyes.  You guessed it, we ended up with a bonfire instead of a campfire. The testosterone was at a peak that night as those two dads tried to outdo each other!

I’ve been busy Around the Campfire this month working on the first of three Camp Loopy summer projects.  To refresh your memory, this first project had to be a two-color shawl or scarf, something to keep you warm around the fire.  After three unsuccessful starts on Whipoorwill I decided to give Cladonia a try.  I’m glad I did.

This pattern has been very enjoyable!   The stockinette portion of the shawl was relaxing and the stripes kept it interesting.  Right when you think you have had enough of that stockinette stitch you move into the lace section of the shawl.  The lace looks complicated but it is actually a very simple lace pattern.  Then, when you are ready for a change in color, you take the contrasting yarn and do a looped picot bind-off.  The shawl moves right along and you never grow tired of it!

The looped picot bind-off was the most challenging part of this project.  I wasn’t quite getting it the way it was written in the pattern.  Everything was clarified when I read Kirsten’s written out explanation in her Through the Loops Ravelry group.  Isn’t Ravelry great for those kind of things?

Yarn:  Madeline Tosh Lite Merino, Nutmeg and Terra

Pattern:  Cladonia by Kirsten Kapur

My first camp project certainly got me out of my comfort zone.  As a result, I find myself looking at all my shawl patterns and wondering how they would look knit in two colors instead of just one.  I’m having a great time at camp and I even finished the first project with plenty of time to spare.

The second Camp Loopy project is called HIKING THROUGH THE MOUNTAINS and the details can be found here on Sheri’s blog….. you know, just in case you want to join me at camp……

Any favorite campfire stories you would like to share in the comments?

6 Comments on “Camp Loopy Finish Line

  1. I really love that shawl, I can’t decide it it’s the colors – it looks like a hot summer’s day when the sun is going down, or because of the stripes coupled with that lacy fan & feathery almost edging.

    Some of my favorite campfire memories are when my parents would take us camping and the campers would all gather ’round a big campfire while the Ranger told stories and we all sang camp songs. I can’t tell if that was a less ironic/self conscious age or if I was oblivious to it.

  2. The shawl is gorgeous & the colors combination is fantastic. Thanks for sharing your experience in knitting the shawl as I thought it looks difficult when I 1st saw the pattern.

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